Discover Body Worlds at Discovery Place

Real and Preserved Human Specimens

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Discovery Place’s BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life exhibit that will be in Charlotte until May 1st. I would like to especially thank Discovery Place and it’s PR Director Kaitlin Rogers and Dr. Gunter Von Hagens, the man in charge of BODY WORLDS, for allowing us the opportunity to tour the exhibit and take pictures during our visit. For general information, or to plan a trip, please visit the BODYWORLDS page at . 

BODY WORLDS is featured in a calming environment, full of pictures, educational videos andlife size bodies wide open for viewing. The exhibits feature real, preserved human specimens that showcase the human body in detail, all the way down to the fibers in our bones.

Entertaining and Educational

Many of us may take for granted just how amazing our bodies are. Every single component of our bodies, from the largest bones to the tiniest of cells are intertwined to sustain life. The BODY WORLDS exhibit does an excellent job at portraying this, combining sensational displays and informational excerpts that are both entertaining and educational.

photo (11).jpg

A Walk Through Life...

The exhibit takes you on a journey of life, from the earliest stages of life, to its end. All of the information and displays remind us just how precious life is. The human brain for instance, begins working from even before we are born, transmitting neural information through neurons it continues to relentlessly serve as the mainframe for our lives and bodies. No such device or mechanism of animation can match the tenacity and resolve of our brains, working nonstop every single moment, awake or asleep, keeping hearts beating, lungs breathing and legs leaping..

Use #BodyWorldsCLT

This Discovery Place exhibit caters to groups, families and children, integrating social media with the use of a unique #BodyWorldsCLT hashtag created to encourage an interactive experience. Using Tweet Beam, twitter posts that use the #BodyWorldsCLT hashtag are uploaded onto a platform, displayed on a large screen at the end of the exhibit where posts and pictures are displayed and presented.

All in all, the BODY WORLDS exhibit at Discovery Place Charlotte is a great attraction for people of all ages. The journey oflife is beautifully displayed until May 1st, 2016 so make sure to take the tour before it departs the Queen City.

- Kenneth Gallo