An Inside Look into Charlotte's Newest Pop-up Cakery

By Kenny Gayo

Cakes...even for non-cake people

I'm not big on sweets. At all. Ask my girlfriend, and she'll tell you. Don't get me wrong though, I'll have a sweet snack once in a blue moon, but I'm talking about maybe an occasional piece of chocolate here and there.

I didn't have a cake for my birthday this year either. But for my girlfriend’s and my anniversary, I thought I would do something special and get a cake. She does like sweets.

So, I messaged my old friend Tanner who recently started a new pop-up cakery, Drip Cake Bar. And Oh. My. God. The cake (pictured below) was as orgasmic as it was beautiful.

The cake that started my obsession

The anniversary cake itself was 3 layers of delicacy, topped with a white rose to mark the occasion. The "Drip" on the cake was chocolate formed down the sides to create the effect. Delicious.

The inside of the cake was a vanilla flavor, topped with a creamy icing to add to the flavor and beauty of this squishy and moist yumminess. Delicious.

And my girlfriend was as enamored with the cake as much as myself. It was a perfect touch to our day and it was made to perfection. So, let me say it one more time. Delicious.

Cakes, the way you like ‘em

The cakes are customized to your liking from flavor to color to even an accompanying garnish, if it so pleases your taste buds and general aesthetic desires of cakes.

For the time being, they are taking orders via Instagram until the website is up and running, which will detail pop up events and have an ordering system for both general and customized cakes.  

Local Cake at Local Breweries

Their Instagram and Facebook pages provide information regarding their pop-up cakery events at local venues such as their recent collaborations with Legion Brewing, Free Range Brewery, and Sugar Creek Brewing. Beer infused cake? Yes please. 

Everyone could benefit from a beer infused piece of heavenly cake. It's a great opportunity to eat great treats and enjoy the time in a new venue, and Drip Cake Bar plans to do more in Charlotte.

So, if want to see more pictures of these beautiful creations or just want to stay tuned for their local events and website launch, make sure you follow their Instagram and Facebook

Cakes for any occasion

Regardless of whether you're into sweets or not, if you want to enjoy some cake with friends at a local spot, order a custom cake for a special occasion, and/or just want to “cake and chill” by yourself or with a friend, Drip Cake Bar is the place to go. 

Kenny Gallo | @kenneth_gallo | @whole9aspects