Dating in Charlotte: How I Met the Love of My Life on Tinder (and You Can Too)

By: Ryan Corte

Wait... on Tinder?

Friend: "So, how'd you meet Alison?"

Me: "Honestly...Tinder!"

Friend: "...You're kidding me, right?"

Me: "Nope. The crazy part is it almost never happened. Here's why it did..."

It was the fall of 2014 and I was becoming a little tired with what many considered "traditional" dating. You know, the kind of dating that takes place after you actually meet someone in person, build rapport (or don't), ask them for their number, and (eventually) take them out on a date.

Although I dated many nice girls I met through friends, out on the town, or at signature Charlotte events (like Food Truck Friday, Alive After Five, Derby Days, etc.), there was a part of me that felt like I was not fully engaged and solely going through the motions. Taking this into consideration, a few of my buddies had met their girlfriends on Tinder and were encouraging me to give it a try.

Ryan contemplates life and love.

Ryan contemplates life and love.

Call me an elitist, but I had always perceived online dating as some sort of desperate attempt to manufacture a relationship or arrange a quick hook up. With this in mind, I was hesitant none the least.

Nevertheless, on a weekend getaway with friends I decided to put my pride aside, download Tinder, and start swiping away.

Swipe...Swipe...Swipe..."It's a Match"!

An hour or two went by, and we (yes I mean "we", since the group made a game out of my new venture) were chatting with girls all over the coast and having a blast! This somewhat joking experiment opened my eyes to the array of dating options Tinder presented, so I decided to keep the app upon my return to Charlotte.

A month or two later, I finally matched with my now fiancée, Alison. After exchanging a couple of friendly messages, we set up a day and time to meet in person. Our first date was at the Wine Loft, where we chatted about everything you're not supposed (i.e. politics, religion, etc.). One date turned into many, and before you knew it, we made things official just after the holidays.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Ryan, that's not a very lavish story". The fact of the matter is, the truth is in the details.

A life without Tinder

Like many of those who live here, both Alison and I are not from Charlotte. She moved here for a job closer to her sister (who coincidentally was the one who "swiped right" on my profile), was feeling homesick, and in the midst of planning her indefinite return to northern California. I myself lived what many would consider a ridiculously busy lifestyle, was just getting out of seeing someone, and was new to app based dating.

The kicker: we lived on the opposite ends of Charlotte, and neither of us ventured out of our respective neighborhoods enough to have crossed paths organically. To this day, I'm still amazed by the sequence of events that had to take place for us to meet.

If it wasn't for Tinder, there's no way I would have met the love of my life.

Ryan is marrying Alison this Friday, April 15 in Napa Valley, California. Check out Ryan's article next week for his Top 5 Tips for Online Dating!!

-Ryan Corte | Innovative Optometrist, Connector, Writer, and Entrepreneur

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