Inside Scoop: Abari Game Room

By: Jessica Moore

Games of Our Childhood + Beer

The very long awaited opening of Abari has grown their fan base astronomically. Support from local neighbors, friends, friends of friends, has had everyone talking. No one knew when they were opening, we all waited impatiently and posted comments on their social media pages...unable to control our eagerness.

Randomly, we’d get a post update by owner, Zach Pulliam, saying that the plumbing was complete, or the final inspections were being done. With over 4,000 likes on their Facebook page, and each post update with at least 200 likes, this has no doubt been on everyone’s radar.  

The Day has Arrived! 

Well, my nerdy friends, the day is upon us. They’ve had several “pre-opening” parties, some for friends, and some for us media folk, and some just because they want a reason to party. Even though they don’t officially open until the 26th, if you haven’t made it to one of these parties by now, you must be on the wrong social list.

Beer Holders...Yes, Beer Holders

Zach has put in hard work and dedication to create this playground for adults. With all our adult responsibilities, it’s nice to have an escape, to feel like a kid again… except with alcohol of course. Abari supports local breweries and carries some specialty cocktails.

Each arcade game and pinball machine has a stand specifically made for your beers and cell phones. They thought this through. Since you have to be considered a private club in order to still sell alcohol, be sure to grab your membership card for $1.00.

Games on Games on Games

To get down to the specifics, we’ve got a list of just a few of the pinball machines, arcade games and gaming consoles.

  • Pinball:  Tron, X-Men, The Addams Family, Taxi, Rescue 911
  • Arcades:  The Simpsons, Star Wars Trilogy, TMNT, Ms Pacman, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter II, NBA Jam, Marvel vs Capcom II, Die Hard, Super Off Road
  • Consoles:  Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis

Choose one of the black leather comfy couches in the lounge area for some console play, or if you’re feeling nostalgic, you’ve got roughly 100 VHS tapes to choose from. Classics like E.T., Pretty Woman, Forest Gump, Spaceballs, Shawshank Redemption, The Fifth Element, Independence Day, Speed, Dumb & Dumber, and Rain Man.

Breathtaking Artwork!

When you walk in, you’ll notice some beautiful pieces of art. This amazing artwork was created by none other than North Carolina’s own, super talented, and one of the kindest people I have the pleasure of calling my friend, John Hairston Jr. He is known for his bright, bold, animated colors. Comic art is his specialty, and it’s breathtaking. Seeing live artwork is an incredible experience, keep on the lookout for his next upcoming event. You can see his stunning artwork here on and on Instagram

P.S. If anyone knows how to score a Cruis’n USA arcade game, Zach’s in the market :D

See you March 26th!

-Jessica Moore
IG: @finickylady



Abari Game Bar
1721 N Davidson St
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