We’re Not Alcoholics, We’re Revolutionaries

By Tyler Morrison



A revolution is a brewin’

Something wonderful is brewing in the Queen City, and it’s not just the craft beer.

The meteoric rise of local breweries has spawned a mix of reactions. While some fear that we’re creeping closer toward a boozy demise, others are praising the local money flowing from each new tap. But if you look past the alcohol itself, you’ll notice something special....

Charlotte is developing its own brand of “pub culture” — a culture that just might spawn the next revolutionary idea.

“Pubs? But We’re Not British ...or Irish”

True. But before you go all 'MURICA, remember that this country was born in a pub. Colonial “public houses” were the place to meet back in the day. Thankfully, we didn’t have Foursquare back in 1776, otherwise Paul Revere could have completely blown our cover with one check-in at Boston’s Green Dragon. 

Like the pubs of old, Charlotte’s breweries are much more about the atmosphere and the community than the alcohol. One look around, and you’ll notice a beautiful patchwork of each neighborhood.

You can show up with your dog, your run club, your in-laws, and even your grandparents! Breweries are becoming the central place where we share what we love with the people we love.

Tapping The Next Great Idea

Pause and take a look around the next time you grab a pint at Wooden Robot or Birdsong; you might be sitting next to a future Hemingway or Fitzgerald. Many of our greatest literary figures practically lived in local pubs like New York’s White Horse Tavern#KerouacGoHome!

By supporting our local breweries, we create more spaces that encourage creativity and the exchange of ideas. For every innovative conversation happening at HQ Charlotte at Packard Place, many more entrepreneurs will be sharing a beer and making plans across our city’s breweries.

Alcohol does not define culture in Charlotte. Pubs Do.

It’s natural, especially in the Bible-belt, for some people to worry about all the new alcohol flowing through our city. That said, the rapidly growing beer scene has very little to do with our livers and everything to do with our city becoming a more innovative, metropolitan place to live. 

Thankfully, Charlotte is becoming a place that values pubs over bars, community over binge drinking, and most importantly, craft beer over anything made by Anheuser-Busch.

Now go out and support your “pub”, wherever that may be!

Tyler Morrison | @tmorrisonphoto

Designer, Developer, and Lover of Beer.