2018 Event Agreement

/2018 Event Agreement
2018 Event Agreement 2017-11-16T21:13:06-05:00
EWP gives permission and shall allow the client to use any photographs, videos or other recording media in which the EWP is in, or part of, for marketing purposes but shall not remove logo without prior written consent.

EWP reserves the right to use any photographs, videos or other recording media in which the EWP is in, or part of, for marketing purposes and in any manner, EWP wishes within a reasonable standard. 

Payment Schedule
50% of total fee as non-refundable retainer deposit upon booking
50% of total fee due two weeks before the event date

Cancellation Policy

Since our services are largely marketing, time and planning, we do our best to provide a refund policy that takes this into account. The client may cancel Agreement by giving written notice to EWP. Any and all cancellations will result in the forfeiture of the non-refundable retainer deposit for the event. Should the Event be cancelled by Client (except due to force majeure or due to KTEs material breach of this Agreement), 1) Client’s decision would constitute a breach of its contracted obligation to Planner and Client agrees Planner would be harmed and 2) the Client shall also pay Planner liquidated damages (not as a penalty), within thirty (30) days after written notification to Planner of cancellation, according to the following schedule:

If EWP is unable to continue with the events, or complete the contract due to illness, tragedy, “Acts of God” or “Force Majeure,” EWP will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide a replacement with capabilities and experience to finish the tasks. 

All cancellations to this contract require written notification either by mail or email. Down-grading services, once both parties have signed this agreement, will not be honored.

In the case of an event cancellation by Client, EWP must be given (30) days written notice of event cancellation prior to the event. If event cancellation is not within the (30) days prior to event required timeframe; client is required to pay remaining balance due. If the event needs to be rescheduled; the Client and EWP will take reasonable efforts to reschedule the event. If event cannot be rescheduled within (30) days of cancellation; EWP reserves the right to terminate the contract. 

Refund Policy
Planner hereby reserves and retains the right to cancel any and all of the above Services with or without cause by providing written notice to Client. In the event Planner elects to terminate this Agreement, half of the Retainer Deposit will be refunded to Client within thirty (30) days of notice of termination.

This Special Event Consultant Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between (“Client”) and EatWorkPlay CLT (“EWP”)

  • SERVICES. Client desires to hold a special event and EWP agrees to provide professional event planning consulting services for this event.
  • TERMS. As outlined above correlating with specific package unless otherwise stated. Additional notes may be added below with proper signatures from both client and EWP.
  • FEES AND DEPOSIT. The deposit must be made upon booking and subsequent payments as noted in correlating packages or otherwise noted.
  • INDEMNITY. Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless EWP and Kristin Hines including their interns, employees, subs and heirs and assigns, from any and all liability, costs, damages and attorneys’ fees resulting from or relating to any claims in any way connected with this event, except to the extent of ay negligence or misconduct by EWP, its employees or agent. This indemnity, defense and hold harmless provision extends to any damages caused by the Client or the Client’s guests or attendees in connection with the event.
    • VENDORS. EWP agrees to recommend vendors for such needs as rentals, catering, floral design, photography, and entertainment; assist in vendor selection; assist in negotiations with vendors if desired by selection in hiring any vendor is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the Client. EWP assumes no responsibility in any way for any negligence, non-performance or other misconduct by hired vendors. Each vendor contract with Client will be subject to review and approval by Client.
    • LOSS BY GUESTS. EWP assumes no responsibility for damages or losses incurred by the Client or Client’s guests or attendees at the event. EWP also assumes no responsibility for any food, beverages floral arrangements décor or items, either personal or professional, or any other items whatsoever brought by anyone to the event before, during, or after the event. Client agrees to be solely responsible for all guests and attendees at the event and the acts of the guests and attendees. Client agrees to pay for any and all damages arising out of the event, except to the extent of any negligence or misconduct by EWP, its employees or agents.
  • INTERVENTION OR TERMINATION OF EVENT. If EWP is unable to provide services under this Agreement for reasons outside of its control; including but not limited to termination of the event by the Client, for any reason including bad weather conditions; acts of God; or government intervention, Client will not be entitled to any refund of the consulting fees due under this Agreement.
  • LIMITATIONS ON DAMAGES. In any action or legal proceeding of any kind brought by Client against EWP for any alleged negligence or any other form of misconduct on the part of EWP, its employees, or agents in connection with a claim for any failure to provide consulting services or for providing consulting services in a matter unsatisfactory to Client under this Agreement, in no case shall EWP liability exceed the amount paid by Client under this Agreement.