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We won’t rest until new and current residents in Charlotte call the Queen City home, and feel connected to it

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Davon Bailey

Originating from the DC-Maryland-Virginia Metropolitan area, Davon Bailey has a knack for bringing some of the city life to Charlotte. Davon enjoys entrepreneurship, shooting hoops, and traveling back and forth between LA and Charlotte. He doesn’t particularly care for clubs, so he’s on a quest to discover all the other options available with individuals who share similar sentiments of finding the perfect sense of work-life balance.

Kristin Taylor
Community Manager

Born and breed beach girl, Kristin Taylor is from Portsmouth, Virginia and made her way to Charlotte through College first at The University of Mary Washington and eventually to home at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte. Kristin Taylor owns a wedding and event planning firm behind the Panthers' Stadium. She loves wine and entertaining! If you have ever been to an EatWorkPlay CLT event; she is the one behind the magic.

Christina Tran

Christina Tran, a native Charlottean, is EatWorkPlay CLT’s Editor in Chief, enjoys discovering the little gems around the QC, and spends way too much time at coffee shops. She speaks Vietnamese and French, but would love to have a conversation with you (over a cup of coffee) in English too. After living in France, she found her passion for writing and traveling. Graduating from UNC Charlotte as a French Major and Foreign Language Education Minor, she unexpectedly found a cool job writing and editing articles and making EWP’s newsletters, for the people of Charlotte, of course

Nick Bossi

Nick Bossi is a 10-year transplant to Charlotte, NC so he is basically a Native. He photographs some of EatWorkPlay CLT's most dynamic and engaging events! He enjoys rock climbing and the White Water Center. You can catch Nick on skates catching pictures of people in action. He loves to enjoy Charlotte's craft beer scene and listening to live music.

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Christopher Newman

“Growing up a Raleigh native and always feeling some sort of unexplained rivalry toward Charlotte. Then moving to CLT after barely visiting to find that both cities are fantastically different from one another, and should never be seen as rivals but as beacons of culture and diversity in our state.”


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