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EatWorkPlay is built around community by creating content, experiences and relationships with like-minded individuals to Fuel the Adventure ®.

Charlotte serves as the headquarter location for EWP and will continue to be a beacon of innvoation and community as the brand grows and expands in other markets. and community as EWP grows and expands in other markets.

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Davon Bailey

Originating from the DC-Maryland-Virginia Metropolitan area, Davon Bailey has a knack for bringing some of the city life to Charlotte. Davon enjoys entrepreneurship, shooting hoops, and traveling back and forth between LA and Charlotte. He doesn’t particularly care for clubs, so he’s on a quest to discover all the other options available with individuals who share similar sentiments of finding the perfect sense of work-life balance.

Meet the Team

Tina Sheets

Event Coordinator

As early as 10 years old, I can recall helping my dad serve drinks at his business events and always wanting to find a way to be involved any way I could! In 2013 after spending a couple years at home following the birth of my daughter, I decided I was ready to get back to work doing what I loved most, helping people host great events. Armed with a background in hospitality and marketing, an eye for design, and some good old fashion know how, ASA Events has quickly become one of the go to planning firms in the Carolina's.


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Our Office

Blanq Canvass Cowork - West Charlotte 2303 W Morehead Street Charlotte, NC 28208

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2303 W Morehead Street Charlotte, NC 28208





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