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The EatWorkPlay Community

Eat Work Play followers are some of the most amazing people in Charlotte. They are educated, involved, and excited about Charlotte’s culture and growth. These professional millennials are involved in their community and LOVE local business. You probably see this pride and love every time one walks in your door!

Charlotte’s professional millennials are a unique demographic, demanding real-time, relevant, and quality answers to their needs. They also live on social media. To reach this demographic you must be ‘top of mind’!

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Instagram: More than 54,000 Followers

Newsletter: 4,600 Subscribers

Website: 2,500 Unique Visitors (and growing)

A rapidly growing audience on Meetup, Twitter, and Facebook!

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EatWorkPlay Target Market


Male and female

Young professionals

Age: 20-34

Locations: Charlotte, NC, 20-mile radius

Who are we?

EatWorkPlay connects its target market to Charlotte’s culture and community. EWP does this by providing, information, perspectives, and cultivating connections that impact it’s user’s daily lives. Our goal is to drop fun bombs through the city of Charlotte. We advance local culture in an era where old/outdated communication channels ad non-organic content ruins the customer experience.

Mission: To immerse residents in Charlotte’s culture and community

Tagline: Charlotte’s Lifestyle Guide for Young Professionals


EatWorkPlay is positioned as a brand built on quality.  Each product that EWP delivers is designed to bring high value to the young professional lifestyle.

Social Research

Instagram – 55,600 followers

Facebook – 5,645 likes

Meetup – 5,760 members

Website Reach/Traffic

Average # Users – 12,000+ users/month

Average # Sessions – 14,615 sessions/month

Average # Page Views – 19,000+ page views/month


Mobile – 70%

Desktop – 27%

Tablet – 3%

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Laundry Service in Charlotte, NC

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