EWP Charlotte’s Summer Wardrobe Guide

It’s safe to say the summer heat is here to stay! It’s great to not have to bring a jacket with you anywhere for the next several weeks, but I have to say it can sometimes be too hot to handle. With the ever-climbing temps and super humid days, it can get even harder to decide how to dress cute, yet still be comfortable. Here’s EWP’S Summer Wardrobe Guide with 7 tips to keep you looking your best during the dog days of summer.

Ditch Denim for Chambray

Chambray is the perfect, lighter alternative to denim when the days heat up. You still get the casual, laid-back vibe, but it’s lighter weight and is all-around comfier!

One – Piece and Done!

The summertime is busy, and we often have lots of events, parties, and activities to get to. Skip trying to put together an outfit and just go with a romper or jumpsuit. Opt for one that flows, breezy, and light in color to maximize the cool factor. Plus, these one-piece outfits are super easy to dress up or down throughout the day with accessories when you may have multiple functions.

Keep Cool with Cutouts

Not only are cutouts in style, but they also are super functional during the summer months. They serve as built-in ventilation, and you look cute all the while!

Embrace Natural Fibers

Go for linen, cotton, and other natural fabrics to help keep you cool. Eyelet and seersucker are also cute, summer fabrics that will help you beat the heat. Whatever you choose, avoid polyester (it doesn’t breathe well) and silk (you definitely don’t want sweat stains!).

A Small Clutch Will Save the Day

No one wants to lug around a big, heavy purse when it’s 90 degrees outside. Pare down and go for a smaller handheld clutch or cross-body bag for your essentials. I usually carry less stuff with me in the summer as well, so it’s easier to bring a smaller bag.

Simplify Your Accessories

I’m all for statement jewelry and embellished clothing items, but they can get hot, heavy, and weigh you down. I’m also doing more active things during the summer, so I don’t always want a ton of accessories on. Opt for minimal jewelry and less embellished pieces to match your casual, carefree summer activities.

Setting Spray is Your Best Friend

I couldn’t survive a Charlotte summer without a good setting spray! My favorite is Urban Decay All Nighter. Not only does it help my makeup not budge in the heat, but it also prevents creasing and doesn’t dry my skin out. It helps keep your makeup matte and is perfect for refreshing your look after a long day out and about.

The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable! When it’s this hot outside, you want to feel comfortable, clean, and not a sweaty mess. So find the looks that work for you and the activities you’re doing. Embrace light, breathable, and flowy outfits and all the summer memories you’re making!

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