Photo Courtesy of Megan Dunbar

A colorful array of whimsical rabbits adorn SOCO Gallery’s latest group exhibition, featuring work by Anne Lemanski and Brad Thomas. Both artists are North Carolina based and are actively working at the gallery. SOCO Gallery’s interior, which usually displays contemporary white walls, is now bursting with work straight out of a Lewis Carroll novel. One half of the gallery hosts the work of Anne Lemanski titled “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit,” which is a play on mixed media sculptures and prints. The material adorning the metal armatures displays imagery created from mundane artifacts significant to the artist.

An example being one of the rabbits emblazoning a skin made of matches and the other a skin made of dice.

These meticulously built sculptures outline the massive prints on aluminum, the first ever printed on such canvas by the artist. The encompassing body of work on display exhibits Lemanski’s most personal exploration, mimicking family relations in the upmost vibrant context. 

The other half of the gallery showcases the work of Brad Thomas titled “Hold These Truths.” The showing features mixed-media text-based paintings and sculptures, as well as the first artist book that Thomas has ever commissioned for acquisition.

Photo Courtesy of Megan Dunbar

Describing them as “patchwork quilts of the subconscious,” Thomas turned to sculpture as a medium for this exhibition. While quoting from literature, philosophy, religion, and his own writings, Thomas creates the beautiful sculptures on display by taking things he holds true and transcribing them onto gessoed canvas. He then cuts them, removing the thoughts out, and coats them with thick enamel. The resulting forms become entangled in a way that loses any form of meaning, thus enforcing his interpretation of the written word.

A beautiful array of color adorning these pristine white gallery walls are sure to draw in a crowd; so if you are in the mood for some vibrant eye porn to step away from the norms of modern society, please stop by and see all my friends at the SOCO Gallery. If you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of gallery owner and Charlottean of the year Chandra Johnson, who is an avid collector of contemporary art and one of the most knowledgeable women in the fine art world. Her strives in making fine art forefront in Charlotte give hope to artists to come and bring their knowledge and craft to the local scene.

SOCO Gallery is in a quaint blue bungalow attached to an upscale men’s clothing store called Tabor (operated by the same owner Perry Poole of Capitol and Poole shop), which also houses a pop up Not Just Coffee location. So get you a cup of coffee, enjoy a beautiful show, and check out some great artwork at SOCO Gallery.

Photo Courtesy of Megan Dunbar

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