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The Traveling Gypsy: New CLT Mural Artist

The Traveling Gypsy Quick Digest:

Name: Sydney Duarte

What Does She Do: Takes people on adventures both BIG and small, to get them out of their comfort zones and back in tune with their mind and body.

Known For: Leading adventure/yoga retreats all around the world


Where else can we see your work?

Most of Sydney’s work is displayed in private collections and at the Galleries below:

Check Her Out at these Charlotte Galleries:

Haylo Healing Arts

Baku Gallery


Green with Envy


Pura Vida

Meet Sydney

Okay, we HAVE to know more. You painted a mural, right?  Yay! YES! So excited and have received lots of love and positive feedback so far!

This mural is special because of your co-artist. Can you tell us more about Duarte Designs?

We are Ann (the mother) and Sydney (the daughter) Duarte. Together, we are @duarte_designs, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, spreading positive messages through our original pieces and bringing your custom commissioned visions to life through hand-crafted original art. We are painters, muralists, sketch artists, working with a wide array of mediums.

We create custom pieces to accommodate you and your needs (murals, logos, architectural renderings, portrait drawings, and so much more) in all styles and sizes!


Is this your first? This is our first in Charlotte. Growing up in Kentucky, my mom worked for a movie theater where we would paint large window murals for the feature box office film, the bingo hall, wall murals for various local businesses.”

How long did it take you to create & paint? A little over 34 hours.

What’s the process to make it happen?

Our inspiration process started with the quote we used on the wall. It is one of Sydney’s favorites, “You can’t make everyone happy, you’re not ice cream. Do the things that light you up. Everything else will fall into place”.

I say this often and am fueled by Two Scoop Creamery’s Yabba Dabba Do Fruity Pebbles ice cream. We thought it’d be fun to do a self-portrait of me with my signature heart glasses and take it from there.


Photo by Rodartes Corner

What’s it like working together? It is so wonderful working together. Life is busy and we normally don’t get to spend a lot of quality time together. This allows us the opportunity to connect and be creative together.

Why Two Scoops? We love the friendly staff and their tasty treats. Plus, they were just voted Best Ice Cream in the State of NC for Woman’s Day Magazine, so we wanted to create something special for them.

Rapid-fire facts about Sydney


What are three things that someone wouldn’t guess about you from your IG profile?

1. That I paint murals (but that’s about to change, ayyy)

2. I am incredibly awkward in front of the camera. That is why there are only photos of me laughing, looking off in the distance, or in motion. I can’t sit still or keep a straight face. I mean… what are you supposed to do with your hands? Where should you place them? How should you stand? #AwkwardHands

3. That I’m an introverted extrovert. People think I’m always out and about because I’m involved in many projects/communities throughout #CLT, but I spend a lot of my time alone, recharging through yoga/meditation, reading a book, or working on art projects at home.

What are you currently listening to? Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)

Favorite Podcast? – EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips “To Be Magnetic”


Best workout tip? Try different styles. Everyone’s body is different, so find what fits best for you. You may need different movements for different moods.

Rest & Restore: Noda Yoga.

Build Strength & Movements:  Budokon Academy.

Feeling Natural:  White Water Center.

Focus & Challenge: Inner Peaks

Go explore and have fun with it. If you don’t like a specific style, keep exploring until you find what you enjoy.

Finally, what’s the best advice you could give for an up-and-coming artist in CLT?

“Collaboration, kindness and mutual respect for other artists. There is so much work for everyone to do. Every artist has their own specific style and unique set of skills that there is no need for competition.

I recommend other artist friends weekly for various projects around town. A thousand candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the original candle will not be shortened. The same applies to happiness and business, they never shrink by being shared. So, lift others up as you rise, and good opportunities, people, and projects will always flow your way.”


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