Who’s pumped up for EWP’s ‘Operation 007’, The Young Professional’s Gala? If you haven’t checked out the event details then definitely make sure you read more about it and snag your friends a ticket. They’ll love you for it and it’s always fun to dress up for themes, right?

So, last week we talked about my artwork, my custom artwork, and what inspires them. Since we’re ramping up for the big Gala, I wanted to switch gears so, let’s talk fashion. I love having staple pieces so that I can mix them with a variety of items and always come up with a different look. Lets talk about my 5 closet must-haves. I have several pieces that I’d suggest but I’d rather keep it short & sweet for you today.


A Body Suit
I own bodysuits in white, black, and tan and I wear them with EVERYTHING. You can choose to wear ones that have a thong bottom or just a regular fit. You can wear them under a blazer to a work event, a night out with friends under high-waisted jeans, or under a beautiful flowy skirt that makes you feel like you got some Beyoncé in you, if you know what I mean, ladies.

A Leather Jacket
An absolute must. You can wear a leather jacket with some white kicks, or dress down a work outfit if you don’t have time to change before meeting with friends and family after work. You can also throw on that bomb leather jacket with yoga pants, skirts, or jeans. Below are some of my favorites that I thought you’d like.

A Hat, The Hat
We all need that one hat that looks good with anything including jeans, work pants, jean shorts, etc. You can even run errands in the hat with some yoga pants. Below are a few that can be used for all of the above. Don’t think hats look good on you? False– you got this, and I promise you will look smoking!

A High-Waisted Skirt
No matter what body shape you might have, a staple high-waisted skirt is always an effortless look. You can wear them with a crop top, a tee shirt tucked in, a white blouse, or even your favorite sports jersey on that perfect Sunday Funday. We all need easy & effortless, right? I included some below for you. Which skirt do you like the best?

A Jean Shirt
I literally wear mine with everything. I love tying my jean shirt with high-waisted jeans. The more wrinkled the shirt, the better. If I want to wear it to work, then I iron the shirt and pair it with a cute skirt and heels. Going on a beach trip soon? I wear mine over my bathing suit with flip flops and a pair of PJ bottoms while I paint my artwork. I wrote a post on EWP last Tuesday, you can read more about my custom artwork here.

I hope that these quick 5 must-haves are helpful to you! Feel free to reach out with any styling questions. Let me know if you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear for the weekend or to your next event. Then hop on over to my website to check out more. I run a LIFESTYLE blog with topics ranging from lip injections, favorite podcasts, skin care, to fitness tips. Inspired by my grandmother, Marlene (a.k.a Mimi), whose signature is on my wrist, I became an artist after she guided me to pursue design & creativity.

Follow me on Instagram at @tessamachen and make sure to check out my Lifestyle Blog at www.tessamachen.com. Introduce yourself on one of my pictures on my Instagram feed and feel free to direct message or e-mail me at tessamachen@gmail.com with any questions about fashion or my artwork.

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