Tuesday’s here, I hope everyone’s made it past the dreaded Monday blues and are back to the swing of things. I know I definitely am. Over the weekend I’ve been doing small revamps at my place to make things more organized and I was working on covering a wall space, but I looked at it over and over again and was never exactly sure what to put there.

If you can relate, here’s an idea: one great way to cover wall space is by buying finished handmade artwork or getting your own custom piece for that office, home, or hallway.

Being born in New York City with parents who were professional models, I always grew up living outside of the lines. Now I run a LIFESTYLE blog with topics ranging from lip injections, favorite podcasts, and skin care to fitness tips. Inspired by my grandmother, Marlene (a.k.a Mimi), whose signature is on my wrist, I became an artist after she guided me to pursue design and creativity. So without further ado here are ten fun facts about my artwork.

10 Fun Facts About My Artwork

  1. Based on what you’re looking for – I can use bright, neutral, or a mixture of bright and neutral colors. I believe that neon and bright colors can give off a neutral vibe depending on how the colors are used.

  2. I sew jewelry into some of my paintings to incorporate my love for fashion.

  3. My artwork is for all QC peeps and also friends/family that live outside of the QC.

  4. You can snag artwork that is already made or order based on a color scheme.

  5. Most of my paintings are abstract.

  6. I have pop-sockets coming with my designs soon.

  7. I hand paint bags that you can use for your makeup, or as beach bags.

  8. I can help design artwork by coming to your place, connecting through video chat or sending pictures through email.

  9. Acrylic frames with original artwork have been a big hit at local pop-ups in the QC.

  10. My art is a combination of my love for Life, Art, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness to bring content & products that help you live a beautiful life.

I hope that my paintings, services, and products bring you a slice of happiness.

Follow me on Instagram at @tessamachen and make sure to check out my Lifestyle Blog at www.tessamachen.com. Introduce yourself on one of my pictures on my Instagram feed and feel free to direct message me or e-mail at tessamachen@gmail.com to purchase a piece of art or to have a piece custom made for you.

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