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The Best of QC’s First Ever Uptown Flea

Did you go to Charlotte’s first ever Uptown Flea Market? If not, don’t fret, we’ve got the deets of what it was all about. Plus, the Uptown Flea is only just getting started.

Come out next time on the following dates: September 15, October 20, November 17, and December 15.

Live music, cute dogs of all sizes, vendors, food trucks, drinks, and happy shoppers filled the lot in front of the Hal Marshall Building. With so much going on, some of the most aesthetic tables stood out. Here’s a list of some of my faves.

Quad Espresso Jewelry

Jennifer Falcon makes dainty & minimal handmade jewelry right from her studio here in Charlotte, NC. She says that simple jewelry can help women feel confident and empowered. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that matter the most. You can find her pieces at local markets in the QC, or online on her Etsy shop.

Johnny Fly Co.

Johnny Fly Co’s top priorities are sustainability, eco-friendliness, and of course, fashion. These trendy shades are made from recycled cotton, with wooden arms. It’s even has its own shop located at 519 E. 36th St. Charlotte, NC in the NoDa area. Stop by, check out their sunnies and leather bags, and save the world.

Lin Deco Design

From Belgium to the US, Lin and her husband started a business from their passion for making home decorative using ceramics, lights, and copper. Their lamps and pottery pieces make the perfect housewarming gift for friends and family. These pieces are looking for a home, and it could be yours.

Gilded Beverage

You’re making cocktails, but they’re missing something. What is it, you ask? Gilded Beverage’s got the mixers with flavors like cucumber melon, blueberry lavender, jalapeño margarita, and plenty more! They’re locally made, freshly produced, and all natural. These mixers are dangerously addictive. Try their samples next time, you’ll see what I mean.

Wildly Urban

Have you ever bought a plant thinking it’d be cute in your room but then it died because you’re awful at plant-keeping? Yeah, same. With Wildly Urban’s unique home decor, you can have the cutest air plant which only needs to be soaked in water once a week. They need light, water, and love. Everything is hand-crafted, too!

Sprezza Foundry

Sprezzatura is an Italian word simplified as ‘nonchalant elegance’ by Jes Biondo. Her beautiful hand lettering is found on her greeting cards with words of encouragement. I mean, look at that handwriting! Goals. That’s the type of font you see at weddings and fancy gatherings.

Artisanal Lab

Mr.Cunnings uses genuine leather to craft belts, wallets, card holders, passport holders, leather-bound journals, totes, messenger bags, bracelets and keychains. And for those tech enthusiasts out there, Artisanal Lab also makes iPad cases (in specific sizes), laptop cases, Apple Watch wristbands, and even a case for your charger.

L Squared

L2 is located in Mooresville, NC but that didn’t stop them from coming to Uptown Charlotte’s first ever Flea market on their Style Truck. The mint green truck is decked out in bohemian and contemporary style blouses, denim, dresses, shoes and accessories, and even some home furnishings. L2 is fitting for anyone looking for casual, yet modern, with a mix of bohemian.


Don’t you just love a good Flea? Happy shopping! 


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