Jasmine Jordan

Jasmine Jordan: Fashion Icon and Philanthropist By Brianna Melanson Jasmine Jordan, the eldest daughter of Michael Jordan, is in the process of making her own legacy here in Charlotte. She relocated to Charlotte 4 years ago, spent four amazing seasons with the Charlotte Hornets, and is now the Field Representative in Sports Marketing for Jordan [...]

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Black Fathers Rock Exemplifies Outstanding Black Fathers in the Charlotte Community

Photo Courtesy of Black Fathers Rock During the celebration of Black History Month, the foundation for Black Fathers Rock recognizes the importance of highlighting amazing Black fathers who reside in the Charlotte community. The Black Fathers Rock event took place on Friday, February 23rd, at the Pease Auditorium located on the main campus [...]

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EWP Goes Down the Rabbit Hole in Charlotte

Photo Courtesy of Megan Dunbar A colorful array of whimsical rabbits adorn SOCO Gallery’s latest group exhibition, featuring work by Anne Lemanski and Brad Thomas. Both artists are North Carolina based and are actively working at the gallery. SOCO Gallery’s interior, which usually displays contemporary white walls, is now bursting with work straight out of a [...]

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White Girl Says: Next Year, I’ll Hesitate Before Going Out During the CIAA.

Arts & Culture / Culture White Girl Says: Next Year, I'll Hesitate Before Going Out During the CIAA. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we did something a little unconventional for most Americans—we plopped a “For Sale” sign in the yard of our suburban home and moved into the city. Finding [...]

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