Inside the Heart of SouthEnd Dentistry

Two weeks ago, EWP kicked off 2018 at the Opening Mixer at Suffolk Punch. It was a night of networking, conversation, and incredible food and drinks, all surrounded by the uniquely chill atmosphere of Suffolk. The event was sponsored by SouthEnd Dentistry, and we had a chance to sit down with the owner, Dr. Bradford [...]

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Blanq Canvass Coworking in the Queen City

A mile down from local restaurants that have become a traditional staple such as Pinky’s Westside Grill and a three-minute drive to historic SouthEnd off of W. Morehead Street sits the newest location in coworking trends, Blanq Canvass Coworking. Built in an old radio station headquarters, this space checks all the boxes for networking, coworking, and great views. Blanq [...]

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Tips to remember for a successful Skype Interview

Skype Interview TipsCongratulations you got a job interview! But wait, is that a skype link? Is this job interview virtual? Don't initiate panic mode just because your next job interview is through the little camera on your laptop. Skype interviews or other virtual interviews are becoming more and more common these days. Interviews via webcam don't [...]

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Using Psychology To Get A Job and Get Ahead

How Psychology Can Influence Job Interviews and Careers Traditional advice on getting a job and moving up the ranks is all well and good, but sometimes you need to ramp up your game with a little psychology. Let’s review a few psychological tips that the masters use. Nod Nodding your head is a [...]

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7 questions to ask the hiring manager in an Interview

Interview 101 What questions should be asked to an employer during the interview? When heading into an interview, a good thing to remember is that this is a conversation geared toward a mutually beneficial partnership between a person and a company. Yes, it is up to the candidate to showcase the benefit he or [...]

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Dress for Success: Are Suits Still Essential at Work?

Charlotte Blogger Deryle Daniels offers some fundamentals for appropriate office attire. The fundamentals include slacks, khakis, button ups, blazers and ties. While these have always been wardrobe essentials, some offices require much less. We asked some EWP members what they think. Are suits still essential for work? "My dress code is business casual. Typical attire [...]

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5 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

Applying for jobs can be intimidating. You’re literally sending a company some information about yourself and your work history, in hopes that these materials scream “Pick Me” loud enough for your phone to ring with an invitation for an interview. Similar to how companies have their “brand,” we, as professionals, have our personal brand. Here [...]

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When To Slack…

And When to Hold Back Picture this: It's Monday, you just had your coffee and you're feeling good. There's a lot to do this week but you had an awesome weekend and you're feeling prepared. Then this happens: lauren 4:32 PM hey, got a sec? :) It's your team lead. You have no idea what [...]

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