Happy Fathers Day!

I always say the only thing missing in Charlotte is my family. I have a close relationship with my parents, and my dad especially was very sensitive to the fact that his little girl was moving so far away. Ever since moving down here, I’ve done all I can to show him that the move was worth it for my career and overall happiness.

I have only been able to visit my family in New York once or twice a year. It’s tough when the holidays or birthdays roll around, and I’m not able to stand next to them as they carve the turkey or blow out the candles. I would give anything to have my dad flown in for the weekend so we could get Father’s Day ice cream together, go to Top Golf or the Whitewater Center, and then give him the grand tour of my favorite city.

Since I can’t afford a plane ticket for him, these things will have to do until I see him next.

The Father’s Day Care Package: He always sent the best care packages in college complete with Girl Scout Cookies, so now it’s my turn. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as my dad wouldn’t approve if I spent too much, but be thoughtful. My dad loves fishing, tennis, and camping. So maybe I’ll pack him some cool lures, a Charlotte cap, a fresh can of tennis balls, s’mores supplies, and a new grilling utensil. We both love to DIY, so I could make something he can hang in his office or frame a picture of the last time we were together. Don’t forget to write out a personalized card and not just sign your name. Tell him why he is so important to you and thank him for everything he has done. Lastly, remember to mail it out in time!

Going the Extra Mile: Coordinate with your family members that live close to him. My sister still lives near my dad in New York, so usually, we work together to come up with something special. That could be making a reservation for him at his favorite restaurant and contributing money towards the meal, setting up a tennis lesson for him, having them pick up something from his favorite bakery, or splitting the price of summer concert tickets.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons

The Skype Call: Set up a time to video call him. Dads never get sick of seeing your smiling face, and this is about as close to real life chatting as it’s going to get. Catch up and reminisce about when he taught you how to fish or when he took you to the amusement park. Follow up on any activities you had set up for him. List the reasons he should move down to Charlotte, too. Just kidding. Kind of. If you have a block of time, put on the same movie together while you’re video chatting so you can commentate on it as if you were in the theater together. Maybe add some popcorn in that care package. This video call will most likely be his favorite part of his day.

The IOU: The next time you see him, give him an extra big bear hug. He’ll be appreciative no matter what. He’ll be happy you set aside the time to talk and plan everything. It’s possible to still have a great Father’s Day even when he’s not in the same state. Nevertheless, don’t take your in-person moments with your father for granted.

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