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Jasmine Jordan: Fashion Icon and Philanthropist

By Brianna Melanson

Jasmine Jordan, the eldest daughter of Michael Jordan, is in the process of making her own legacy here in Charlotte. She relocated to Charlotte 4 years ago, spent four amazing seasons with the Charlotte Hornets, and is now the Field Representative in Sports Marketing for Jordan Brand. She still stays connected to the Charlotte Hornets, owned by her father, by working with athletes like Kemba Walker and Frank Kaminsky by making sure they receive their Jordan footwear that will allow them to excel on the courts.

Jasmine Jordan
From @mickijae on IG

You may be familiar with the luxurious Air Jordan XI ‘Heiress’ collection that was released during the 2017 holiday season. Jasmine says, “That’s my go-to right now.” This collection was her chance to really make an impact on the Jordan Brand. It was intended to give Jordans a feminine touch and are perfect for women who want to add more sneakers to their wardrobe. The stunning shoe features black glitter, premium leather, and a gold MJ logo. It is essentially a modern rendition of the 1996 Jordan 11. Jasmine and the design team are working on expanding that collection this year with new colors while maintaining the quality of the original. Jasmine also thinks it would be fun to eventually introduce women’s apparel so we can have an outfit to match. Jasmine wants the ladies to know that they hear you and they are excited to grow the brand from a woman’s perspective.
As far has Jasmine’s personal style, she doesn’t purposefully follow trends and rather listens to her mood. Sometimes she’ll take a popular trend and put her own spin on it. You can get inspired by her style on any of her social media pages (@mickijae).

Photo by Ariel Perry


She likes neutrals and pairs them with stripes or floral patterns that incorporate pops of color. Of course, when I got to meet her in person at her event at WP Kitchen & Bar, she looked flawless! She was sporting a long red cardigan, over a white New York graphic tee tucked into high waisted striped pants.

Jasmine decided to host the event at WP Kitchen, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in SouthPark after they showed interest in the Rakeem Christmas Foundation and found that her personality aligned with theirs. The goal this Thursday was to raise awareness and money for her boyfriend’s foundation which builds and refurbishes basketball courts in the Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, they had just been hit by the hurricane last year, so they need the help more than ever. The foundation creates a safe place for kids to have fun, make friends, and stay active.

Jasmine Jordan
Photo by Ariel Perry

Every July, the foundation hosts a Christmas in July for the kids. There are events leading up to an All-Star game for the best kid players from the Islands. Jasmine graciously provides the kids with Jordan sports bags and gift bags. She adds, “Just seeing the kids being happy and honored to get that exposure and being able to help pursue their dreams in basketball is really what matters.”

10% of the sales at WP benefited the Rakeem Christmas Foundation. I am pleased to announce that they raised over $400. The great cause was my excuse to indulge in their specialty pizza as well as order wine and dessert.

It is evident how passionate Jasmine Jordan is about her work and appreciative of her father for building this empire and making all of this possible for her. She wants to be able to eventually make the same philanthropic impact as he did. It is inevitable that people will automatically think of Michael Jordan when they meet Jasmine, and she is beyond proud of that. However, she says, “I think as I grow and evolve as a woman, and continue to identify myself in different markets in Charlotte, I will be able to build that niche and be able to stand on my own.”

Jasmine Jordan is an admirable woman, and I’m looking forward to seeing her empire, and philanthropic contributions thrive in the Queen City.

Even if you didn’t make it to the event, there is always time to help the kids benefited by the Rakeem Christmas Foundation. https://www.rakeemchristmasfoundation.org/


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