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5 Spots for a Girls’ Night Out in Charlotte

Girls’ Night Out in Charlotte

#1: Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano

I love Luciano’s for a Pre-Girls’ Night Out! Why? You can carb it up with the best fettuccine pasta in Charlotte, or go high-protein with the lamb meatballs soaked in the made-from-scratch marinara sauce. They also have delicious cocktails and a perfect wine selection so it’s an easy win!

#2: Merchant & Trade

Merchant & Trade is the perfect place to feel on top of the world (it’s a rooftop bar). The selfies you can take in the mirrored elevator, overlooking the city, truly shows Charlotte’s beauty. Not only is this place a great spot to catch the views, it’s also one of the best places to grab a cocktail.

#3: Bakersfield

Three words: girls love tacos. Plus, this place has a great atmosphere, margaritas, and the best queso (arguably) in Charlotte. This is the perfect spot to grab dinner, a round of drinks (or tequila shots), and gather all of your friends before going out! Let’s be real; what’s a girl’s night out without Tequila?

Bakersfield Tacos, Tequila and Whiskey | Tacos in Charlotte NC
Photo from Krystle Mii

#4: Hoppin’

This is…the ultimate…casual hang out. It has everything you need in one space; good lighting, lawn games, wine and beer on tap, cute boys, and a food truck! What more could you ask for, especially on Thursday and Friday nights? Hoppin’ and check it out for yourself! See what I did there?

Girls' Night Out in Charlotte NC | West Kept Secret at Hoppin CLT
Photo by Marrisa West of West Kept Secret

#5: Sophia’s Lounge

Sophia’s is a solid first stop after dinner, or a second stop if you want a quality cocktail before hitting the bars and clubs of Charlotte. Women love it because of the delicious cocktails, the vibe, the appetizers, and one other thing. Hint: there are always tons of men at Sophia’s Lounge. Super interesting!

Left to Right; Emily Merrick, Rachel Rollar, Kristin Taylor (Author)
Photo by George Landis


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