Bridesmaid Rule Book

 How Not To Get Fired As A Bridesmaid

First things first, know your role! As a bridesmaid, your job is so much more than standing front and center looking pretty (not too cute, of course) in a matching dress with 8 of your best gals. Little did you know you are the bride-to-be’s support system for the next 6-12 months before the big “I do.” Bridal Bliss is a dream for all soon-to-be Mrs., but it can’t happen without you, girlfriend!

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We all know your bestie bride is a real gem (I mean she’s your best friend for a reason, right?) but we must accept that wedding planning can bog down the best of us. So offer to lend a helping hand throughout the process. Remind* her how absolutely GORG she’s going to look in her dress. (*Remind her often.) Give your suggestions, but NOT your vision. Remember, it’s HER day. (When yours comes around you can nix the terrible color combo she chose, we won’t tell anyone.)

Be prepared to be available – all the time. Expect to be inundated with chain emails and group texts coordinating everything from the big day to the bachelorette bash! Remember how hard it was to corral all your babes for a college game day tailgate? This is like that. BUT SO MUCH HARDER. However, if planned, correctly these events will turn into some of your favorite memories.

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There’s a good chance you’ll disagree with a bridesmaid or two throughout the process. (NOTE: Do not try to make the bride pick sides. She loves you both.) There’s also a 99.9% chance something will go wrong come wedding day causing even the most laidback brides to have a bit of a bridezilla moment. That’s where you come in, in your pastel chiffon dress that you’ll probably never wear again, and save the day.

Suit up and Smile

Just a heads up, you’re going to be in about 123854900 pictures, so start whitening your teeth now. But really, your face will hurt from smiling, and no matter how sweet she is, any bride is going to choose the photos SHE looks best. So plan accordingly.

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Suit up ladies; it’s time to earn that “Best Maids” title. She chose you for a reason, don’t make her regret it. (From one bridesmaid to another, you’re going to feel pretty badass on her wedding day knowing how important you are to the bride… trust me.)

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#1 Rule to being the Best Bridesmaid: Spoil the Bride!

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