Netflix & Chill: Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Netflix & Chill

5 Reasons to Stay at Home This Valentines Day:

Let’s be honest: We all think that Valentine’s Day is kind of lame. It’s like overdosing on cotton candy; just a little too sweet for most couples to stomach. What’s even lamer is that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, so we can’t even justify getting wine-drunk when we know we have that 8:00 AM meeting the next day. That being said, heart-shaped chocolates just taste better for some reason. So despite scoffing at Cupid, we plan to take full advantage of the ooey-gooeyness this holiday has to offer (just in the privacy of our own home, of course. This is directed at you, random girl we follow on Instagram who keeps posting #luckygirl about the flowers her Tinder Date bought her.) So!

Here’s a list of five reasons why “Netflix and Chill” should be the mantra of every (normal) couple this Valentine’s Day.
#1 Ditching your work clothes for sweatpants

Yeah, dressing up is fun. But have you ever worn pajamas? The main problem with V-Day being on a weeknight is that if you want to make that 6:30 reservation at “insert-boujee-restaurant-here,” you’re probably going to be stuck in the pencil skirt you spilled coffee on this morning. There’s just no time to change. Besides, who are you trying to impress?! Your dude thinks you look good either way.

#2 Who doesn’t love watching their “person” cook (or even better, do the dishes after YOU’VE cooked)?

Sure, your partner can barely pre-heat an oven without having to ask for instruction, but it’s cute and that’s why you love him. The best thing about spending Valentine’s Day at home is that you don’t have to pretend like you know what a “braised veal and perigord truffle in mornay sauce” is. If you can pronounce “fro-zen piz-za,” you know you’re in for a good (and way more affordable) meal.

Netflix & Chill: Valentines Day

Netflix & Chill: Valentines Day
All Photography by Kevyn Dixon Photography

#3 For the price of two glasses of wine at the restaurant, you can purchase three bottles at the grocery store.

Twelve glasses of wine for the price of two, you say? Sign me up. Ditching the restaurant means avoiding the overpriced glasses and picking up your favorite bottle(s) to share. (Don’t forget about the 8:00 AM meeting because your boss will still be there. .)

#4 Zero Expectations

Something about celebrating “the day of lOoOvEe” just puts so much pressure on a couple. It’s a day to remind each other, “Hey I still think you’re cool,” and doesn’t have to imply there’s going to be a ring in the bottom of your champagne glass. Spending this holiday at home just makes things way more special, meaningful, and intimate, because they’re way more you. (But if there IS a ring in the bottom of your champs, head over to Kristin Taylor Events to meet the Wedding Planner of your dreams.)

Netflix & Chill: Valentines Day

Netflix & Chill: Valentines Day

#5 Cuddling up with your Valentine at the end of a long day

*Cue the “Awwww’s”*

Come on, what would a Valentine’s Day article be without a little bit of sap?! There’s literally no other day of the year where we can get them to agree to watch The Notebook with us AND be the big spoon, so best believe we’re poppin’ that bad boy into the DVD player (aka turning on Netflix) and curling up for a solid cuddle sesh.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day may be a little bit of a corporate sham. However, because you and your boo agree on that fact makes us believe in love just a little bit more – and that’s worth celebrating.

Hint: These cinnamon rolls from Trader Joe’s are life! Just trust us.


Written by Lunden Farris & Emily Merrick from Kristin Taylor Events

All Photography by Kevyn Dixon Photography

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