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We all want to live in a community that is full of support, bridges the gaps of differences, and really come together to create a place to live that is not only welcoming but feels like home.

That’s the dream, right? Well, the city of Charlotte is making that dream into a reality with their 2019 Neighborhood Exchange Event!

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During the dates of April 23rd to April 30th, NEX will be providing a plethora of events that highlight amazing projects within the community, celebrate community leaders, and teach you new skills to utilize in your own communities, all while creating a place for everyone to gather and learn from one another.

So join us at NEX and participate in events like:

The Neighborhood Leadership Awards Breakfast where we will have the pleasure of honoring community leaders from the neighborhoods of Charlotte that you have chosen!

Maybe you have someone in your area that you look up to, or perhaps you have a friend whose project has helped the community, why not nominate them?

Nominations will be accepted through April 11th and can be made here.

Not only will leaders who are making a difference be honored, but you will also have the chance to learn new skills and have incredible discussions where you can learn how to contribute to your community positively. Check out the neighborhood training sessions on April 25th that will be happening in collaboration with Skillpop, and learn how to create things like a community garden or a public art exhibit for everyone to enjoy.

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Want more information on how to build up your community? Take part in the conversation at the Bridging the Difference Event on April 30th to discuss a wide range of topics that affect you and those who live around you.

You can sign up for training here and for Bridging the Difference here. We highly suggest signing up for both if you can.

While you’re looking into attending these events, make sure to check out the Placemaking Bus Tour that’s happening on April 27th where we’ll be highlighting different community spaces around the neighborhoods of Charlotte. This tour will give you your own personal look at all the things that you can see and places you can go in the area. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite coffee shop or a new place to play basketball. Register here and discover a new home!

colorful chalk, cement art on sidewalk cement

Don’t miss out on NEX Week and find out all the ways that you can get involved at! We hope to see you there.

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