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Galentines Day

All my single ladies, get in formation . . .

Gone are the days spent with Ben & Jerry’s wallowing about love lost on this Hallmark holiday. After all, it is just a day that simply reminds us – We are alone. Ya, we are. Now own it. We’re alone because we deserve better. We’re alone because we just want better, dammit. So, no Netflix, we are NOT still watching. We are getting our pretty little butts out of our sweatpants, throwing on that super cute new jumper we picked up from Vestique, and we’re calling all our best gals over, right? Right.

I mean, let’s be honest, your ladies will never let you down the way your Cupid strikeouts did. Think about it, cheers-ing champs, not stressing over your calorie intake, and belting out T. Swift sound so much more appealing than a subpar make-out with someone who got you gas station candy, am I right? I am, so don’t even answer that.

Your supply list is pretty simple:

Photography: Moving Mountains Photography. Outfits: Vestique.

– Make it BYOR (Bring Your Own Rosé) so that keeps your cost low.

– Pick up some chocolate. Did you know researchers say that Phenylethylamine, also known as “the love drug,” is found in chocolate and arouses the same feelings of being in love? It’s true. So go all in on those cravings and grab the good stuff, ya know, Godiva.

– Decorations can be anything from Dollar Store balloons to everything you can fit in a cart from Target’s $3 bins.

– Make sure you have a photo wall. If you have a party and didn’t take a super hot selfie to remind Nick what he lost, did you have a party at all? Not one I would attend . . . 😉

One day you’ll find a man who ruins your lipstick and not your mascara. Until then, pucker up and grab a glass, gorgeous! Tonight is all about you and your Galentines.

And for another excuse to hang out with your ladies, come drink Champagne with me at our Bridal Brunch at Sophia’s Lounge Sunday, February 25th, 2018 from 1 to 3PM! It’s a great opportunity for engaged girls and their maids-of-honor to hang out and talk weddings with other brides.
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