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Gyms in Charlotte

Gyms in Charlotte and What They Say About Your Personality


Finding the best place to sweat it out in Charlotte can be difficult. Check out these Gyms in Charlotte to find your best fit!

Charlotte Athletic Club
Located in the heart of Uptown, the Charlotte Athletic Club is a traditional gym studio with guided classes sprinkled during the week. With a wide array of fitness machines that meet several fitness needs and goals, you might see yourself here if you are the independent type! If this gym sounds appealing, you could be described as self-motivated and flexible. You can easily adapt to any fitness routine based on machines available. You may also find the pleasing views of the streetscape of Uptown a mindful retreat as you push your body to your fitness limits!

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CycleBar – Midtown
Dimmed Lights, Loud Music, High Energy. Does this sound like you? Cycling is not for the silent; extroverted individuals will find the atmosphere at CycleBar exhilarating! The affirmations of “sweat = good” ring above you and motivate you to push harder and cycle faster. CycleBar is your place to go if you are outgoing and ready to show your stats to your neighbors hoping to inspire!


Coreology – Noda
For the focused and driven bunch with a strong sense of community, Coreology is looking to make your body shake! Not for the faint of heart, this workout studio takes everything you know about more reps, fast reps and throws it out the window! This smaller studio provides an intense workout with neighbors but with a little more one – on – one approach. “The slower the reps, the leaner you will be,” mantra you’ll find at Coreology is exactly what a results-focused person is looking for!

Gyms in CharlotteAerial CLT
Adventurous? Do you look for new, unconventional challenges? We might find you here. The long, lean lines of your body create a beautiful shape against the silks at Aerial CLT, but don’t be fooled! The challenge on your body leaves your biceps and triceps shaking and your quads and calves quaking! For the adventurous thrill seeker, you might get the challenge you are looking for here!

Gyms in Charlotte

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