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The Men’s Guide: What To Wear for A Black-Tie Gala

The Men’s Guide on What To Wear to Operation 007: The Young Professional’s Gala on September 8th sponsored by Indochino.

What to Wear To a Black-Tie Gala

Sponsored by Indochino

As you may already know, Eat Work Play CLT’s 007 Gala is coming up VERY soon. The dress code calls for Black Tie attire, but what does that mean, and how do you live up to the James Bond name? Let’s start from top to bottom.

The Hair:

The hair makes the first impression when it comes to being your best Bond. We encourage a sleek style that would stay in place even if you slid down the side of a building or swam with sharks (no Axe body spray, please).

The Face:

 It’s not very Bond to have a beard, but we like our men both ways. Be sure to add some conditioner and beard oil into your routine a few days in advance to get that beard ready for prime time.

Left: EWP Founder, Davon Bailey Right: Fashion Influencer, Paris Pullen

The Tuxedo:

 If there was ever a time to suit up; this would be it. Of course, we won’t leave you hanging, so here are some options:

  • Dust off your old tuxedo from prom…or don’t.
  • Purchase your fit from Indochino and use the EWP code: BOND to get it at only $359 (and yes, you can use it all year).
  • Need a tuxedo, like, right now? Go to New York Bride & Groom in SouthEnd to rent your tuxedo. Run, don’t walk.
Fashion Influencer Paris Pullen for Indochino

The Shoes: The shoe game can vary based on your style. I like a classic black dress shoe or a loafer since we’re talking Bond. However, dress it up with your favorite pair of formal kicks.

The Details: 

You just can’t forget the little details.

EWP Founder Davon Bailey Choosing The Details at Indochino

Done, done, & done. See you at the Gala hot stuff!

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