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Cordrè Takes Over Heirloom Restaurant

Chef Barlow of the critically acclaimed farm-to-table Heirloom Restaurant in North Charlotte welcomed Cordrè Catering to First Course Courtesy of Heirloom, All Pictures by Brianna Melanson take over his kitchen on Monday, February 12 for the event “Far East meets the South.” Chef Manuel Cordray started the Cordrè catering business five years ago [...]

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Who is Kid Cashew?

On Thursday, February 8th, Kid Cashew in Dilworth hosted a social media event to display its unique cuisine and craft cocktails. Who is Kid Cashew? Oddly enough, this question was never asked during the social media event because everyone was too busy enjoying the waves of amazing cuisine. The menu was created by Giorgio Bakatsias [...]

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Galentines Day

All my single ladies, get in formation . . . Gone are the days spent with Ben & Jerry’s wallowing about love lost on this Hallmark holiday. After all, it is just a day that simply reminds us - We are alone. Ya, we are. Now own it. We’re alone because we deserve better. We’re [...]

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Diet Coke Launches 4 New Flavors in Charlotte

  Background The evolutionary Diet Coke was introduced to the world in 1982; it was the first new product added to the Coca-Cola trademark since 1886. The drink and brand is not a modified form of Coke, but rather a completely different formula. Before the Diet Coke product went live in the market, it underwent [...]

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