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All the spotlights are shining on the newest addition to Ballantyne: The Lights Juicery and Cafe

All the spotlights are shining on the newest addition to Lancaster Highway.

The Lights Juicery and Cafe should not be another hidden gem, but the brightest gem in the community. It’s officially my new favorite breakfast spot for it has the most delicious options. Eloy Roy Jr. and his family opened The Lights November 3rd. Nearly a month later they already have some regulars. A gentleman came in and Eloy asked if they could get started on his double macchiato. Quality service right there. I walked into all friendly faces ready to give me recommendations and take my order.

The Lights is a family affair. You may recognize the family from their Italian restaurant, OGGI (opened in 2012), where Eloy’s father is the executive chef.  Once they noticed Subway was closing in the plaza, Eloy jumped at the opportunity. Eloy says they wanted to create a healthier space of what they would eat for breakfast so that you can indulge at OGGI later. Clever! The Roy family has made great relationships with the Ballantyne community and were betting on their clientele to open their palates to this new culinary invention.


The OGGI Man is the business’s character inspired by Jeremyville, whose art you will see decorating the walls. Eloy’s younger sister created and drew the OGGI man and The Light’s circular moon logo. They plan on using this character in the future for comic strips, etc. The sisters also do most of the office work and social media marketing. Eloy’s mother put together all the greenery. Vines hang down the fridge enclosing to-go Lights juices as well as Lenny Boy Kombucha. One of my favorite details are the reused the glassed of Rewined Candles to plant cacti.


Eloy put his own spin on companies he had visited in Miami and New York City.

He was also very inspired by Charlotte’s Not Just Coffee. He would get something from a juice bar and then go to chill at Not Just Coffee. The Lights is the juice bar, lunch spot, and coffee shop in one. Compared to other juice bars in the Queen City, the vibe here is much more relaxed. They want you to sit and stay awhile with your friends, read a book, or grow your profession. I feel like I didn’t have to just come from the gym twirling my pony tail looking at my fitbit, chug my juice, and run to my next errand. Those places just increase my anxiety, so I typically stay away.

I found a cozy spot

I found a cozy spot in the corner against Aztec patterned pillows to work and enjoy my The Lights Açaí bow and Mocha Latte with almond milk. Both excellent! I have been feeling under the weather lately and the fresh açaí really helped revitalize me. Just as all of the succulents and plants are real, their goal is to stay real and true to nature. All of their ingredients are from UNFI or Albert’s Organics. Eloy says, “There is nothing here we wouldn’t want to put in our bodies.” They want to bring your health and overall experience to a “higher frequency.” In scientific terms, the higher the frequency, the higher the energy of light.


I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that there is a place like this in Ballantyne! Being only 3 minutes away from where I live, I can see myself coming here to write all of the time. It is a struggle the majority of all the hip and trendy local coffee shops are in Southend or Uptown which are honestly not convenient every day! The Lights is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Shortly, I’m hoping their “The Lights” yellow neon sign will be all over Instagram.

5 LIT STARS from Bri!


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