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Top 20 BBQ Joints in Charlotte to Try Before 2018

I wanted to have a rhyme and reason behind this list of BBQ Joints in Charlotte, from fancy dinner spots to eat off paper plates, or paper bags, in your car. All have the best to offer with their own takes on the southern favorite.

For those of you who moved here from the Northern states, “BBQ Joints” aren’t synonymous with simply cooking meat on the grill in your backyard. That’s just “grilling out” down here. Roasted, smoked, charred and smothered in your choice of sauce and toppings, or none at all. Everyone has their favorite way to eat BBQ, could be on a sandwich or eaten just with a fork. I think we can all agree on one thing, it’s awesome and we eat it with pure joy any time we can.

BBQ means family. BBQ means a hot summer day with lemonade and kids running around. BBQ takes you back to your childhood. You always know it’s a special occasion when there’s BBQ involved.

#1 Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen

Two locations, SouthPark and Uptown. Their sides get just as much attention as the meats. Pan fried corn, roasted beets, and succotash
Insider Tip:  roasted chicken pizza for the win!

#2 City BBQ

This is one of the BBQ Joints in Charlotte where you can Expect made-from-scratch side dishes, sinful desserts and a healthy dose of backyard hospitality.

#3 The Improper Pig

The classic smoked meats, even tofu! They’ve got 10 homemade sauces inspired by the global love of BBQ. Article:  Be Improper
Insider Tip:  the Good Luck Soup is super delicious and they have it all year round!

#4 Mac’s Speed Shop

The South Blvd location has a lovely patio dining area and a nice view of uptown in the distance. The mac n’ cheese and green bean casserole go fast so be prepared with a backup option!
Insider Tip:  best-fried shrimp tacos in town!

#5 City Smoke

3 course express lunch for $8.99 and Wine Wednesday’s, buy one glass get the second half off!

#6 Queen City Q

They’re also at BB&T Ballpark, which is the only place you can get the Pulled Pork Stuffed Baked Potato. You’ll wonder why you’ve never had this before.

#7 Midwood Smokehouse

With a new location coming to the Backlot at Park Road Shopping Center I have a feeling I’ll be here more often. Since I live so close, maybe I’ll smell them from my patio, I wouldn’t hate it.

#8 Jim ‘n Nick’s

BBQ nachos, whoa!

#9 Art’s BBQ and Deli

Busy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the heart of Dilworth. A favorite in Charlotte for over 40 years.

#10 BBQ King

Smoking BBQ since 1971 just North of Charlotte in Lincolnton. Well worth the drive.

#11 Shane’s Rib Shack

After a long day at the WWC maybe hop over to Gastonia and check them out. Mouth-watering photo right?!

#12 Sauceman’s

Only seen these guys at events around town but their storefront is located in South End of West Blvd. Need to get over here!

#13 McKoy’s Smokehouse & Saloon

Biker bar, beer specials, and BBQ. Easy to get to off of Woodlawn/I-77.

#14 Bobbee O’s

Another one I haven’t tried before but those ribs sure do look juicy.

#15 Bill Spoon’s

No frills, just straight up classic BBQ and sides. Hushpuppies!

#16 The Q Shack

Unique that they have mango salsa. I can imagine that would go well with on a BBQ sandwich, especially if the meat is spicy.

#17 Bubba’s BBQ

Anything that requires a 33-hour process of cooking is bound to be delicious one of Charlotte’s best BBQ Joints

#18 Smoke Pit

Oh yes, cornbread! And look at all those meats, mmm.

#19 Lancasters BBQ

BBQ Taco Salad, nuff said.

#20 Cookout

Drive thru BBQ sandwich, I’m down. Get an order of hushpuppies, slaw and a strawberry cheesecake milkshake and you’re all set.

Written By: Jessica Moore

Instagram: @finickylady


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