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5 Charlotte History Facts You Didn’t Know

Charlotte, NC is Full of Amazing History!

Charlotte is an amazing city with a rich history. At EatWorkPlay we’re proud that we can take part in its growth and future. Here are five things about Charlotte History you didn’t know. Let’s call them your talking points for your next coffee date!

#1 The Good Samaritan Hospital

Before the Carolina Panthers were pounding in the Bank of America stadium, patients received treatment at The Good Samaritan Hospital in the exact spot.

The Good Samaritan Hospital is believed to be the first privately funded hospital built in the United States and operated exclusively for African American patients. The Good Samaritan Hospital was funded by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and was founded by Jane Smedberg Wilkes.

#2 Independence Square 

The infamous block of Trade and Tryon Street isn’t just famous for fireworks on the fourth of July or dropping the ball for our New Year welcoming. The intersection of Trade and Tryon is also known as Independence Square.

In the 1830’s and 1840’s gold miners walked through Independence Square headed for the U.S.Mint Building. Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet traveled through Independence Square after the fall of Richmond in 1965.  Charlotte was also a transportation hub where electric cars were used to transport people on a railroad.

#3 Dilworth – Charlotte’s First Suburb

Dilworth community isn’t just a historic neighborhood. It was the first established town and suburb in Charlotte, NC. In fact, those electric cars mentioned earlier ran from uptown through Dilworth.

This establishment is still as prestigious as it was in the 1870s. Dilworth community still stands, and a lot of the homes remain in tact from the very first historical development.

#4 Population Growth

The first recorded population for our city was of 1,065 individuals in 1850. By the early 1890s, Charlotte was a little town with big-city ambitions. The 1890 census reported a respectable count of 11,557 people. Did you know that Charlotte, NC now has an estimated population of over 800,000 people and Mecklenburg County skyrocketing at over 1 million?

The rapid growth in Charlotte, NC is also the reasoning behind the construction of highway I-485 in 2001 and also the LYNX Blue Line in 2006 where history repeated itself from the electric cars used in the early 1800s, which leads me to my very last history fact…

#5 Charlotte Transit

Charlotte Transit is the very first public transportation system in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte Transit is not to be confused with the new Charlotte Area Transit System launched in 1999, despite the similarities in the names. Between 1976 and 1999 we were only offered local routes. There were no express buses taking residents to Concord, Huntersville, or Davidson, NC.

The buses weren’t half as fancy as they are now. With our new transit system, we are now able to travel to any of our surrounding cities for less than three bucks!


Until next time,

Ivory B

By: Ivory Bethea
IG: @godsdesign_ivory


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