CHOPT Charlotte Grand Opening!

Lookout Charlotte, Here Comes CHOPT!

When you first think of a salad two things come to mind:

1) The endless possibilities

2) The daunting task of creating that memorable “Mason Jar Salad”.

If you’re like me, you retreat entirely and opt for the quick & easy solution at your office cafe or nearby drive thru.  No worries friends, we have been rescued!  Enter, CHOPT Creative Salad Company.Their Farm-to-Fast Food revolution is creating a “fast food” choice that is healthy and inspiring. CHOPT has designed, constructed and paved the road for a change to the fast food industry. They plan to turn it into something we can respect and support, not only for ourselves but for our future generations.

My Sneak Peek at CHOPT Creative Salad Co.

The first day “testing day” was incredible to experience.  People constantly walking in, with obvious questions on their faces. Each customer was met by a CHOPT member who was enthusiastically willing to answer all questions and help guide them through the assembly line.

Amidst all the excitement, I sat down with the VP of Operations, Mike LaPlaca, who explained their mission with passionate detail.  With 30 stores under their belt, CHOPT has chosen Charlotte as their first location outside of the NYC & DC area (more to come in Texas).

They are no doubt a company to adore; their world travels inspire their Destination Salads (which change every 2 months) and they have a commitment to promoting from within.  I was lucky to meet 7 members of the CHOPT family who traveled from NYC to help train new members. They all made me feel like one of their own!

Walking in the door, Store Manager, Jim Ragin welcomes you with a joyous smile and energy. You can’t help but want to go back again and again (I’ve been 4 times this week!), it’s like seeing an old friend. They truly are a tight group of people who support one another, their customers, and their local vendors.

I’d like to proudly name a few of our local NC vendors of CHOPT:

The Salads. That’s Why We’re All Here!

Before the salad reaches you, it meets the fate of a captivating mezzaluna and it’s chopped to your liking.  Their menu is of boundless variety and easy to navigate!

Destination Salads, create-your-own, beloved classics, use of supergrains, FreeBird options of grilled/chipotle/panko fried chicken, naturally raised steak, extensive list of fresh veggies, organic tofu, chickpea falafel, kid’s choices and optional salad sandwiches. The list goes on and on.

All dressings are made in small batches and are gluten free; their website even has an interactive Nutrition Fact Menu.  You can even buy these little bottles of brilliance to use at home!

Needless to say, my experience at CHOPT was amazing. My only wish, is that you head over ASAP, and try them out for yourselves! 

-Jessica Moore (IG: @finickylady ; Website: The Advice Buffet ; Twitter: @thefinkickylady)

– Photos Courtesy of Nick Bossi (IG: @Fotobossi ; Website: PhotoBossi Photography)

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