1.What is the CLT Passport?

The Charlotte Passport offers a unique way for you to navigate Charlotte using exclusive deals to attractions, restaurants, and so much more. New to the Queen city the passport can give you ideas of where some of Charlottes hotspots are and even if you are a Charlotte native this passport will allow you to experience some of city main stays in a new and exciting way.

2.What Deals are on the CLT Passport?

Currently we have deals in the passport to experience Eddie Vs, TrueRest Float Spa, Portal Charlotte, Charlotte and The Chocolate Factory gala, Raffaldini Vineyards, Breakaway Festival, and so much more of your favorite restaurants, events, and local happenings.

3.When will I receive my CLT Passport?

The passports are currently being pre sold and will be ready in early November. If you have have purchased a ticket to the Willy Wonka themed Gala, a limited quantity will be available at the Gala for those that have already purchased a CLT Passport. Pick-up locations to be announced early October!

4.Was I in the first 500 to receive a physical copy of the passport?

We are looking to hit 500 passports sold by Sunday, September 29th so make sure you get your order in before then.

5.What will I receive if I do not get a physical passport?

You will receive an eatworkplay card that holds the deals on them and can swiped to redeem each offer.

6.Do I need a separate passport for my friend/family member as well as myself?

Yes, each separate person needs their own passport to receive the deals that are within them. All of the deals are exclusive to one person.

7.How do I order the CLT passport?

You can pre-order the Charlotte Passport by going to https://cltpasssport.samcart.com/products/charlotte-passportcharlotte-passport-pre-sale

8.Can I get a refund on my passport?

All sales are final so there are no refunds after a purchase.

9.How do I redeem an offer on the CLT passport?

Present the passport to the waiter/waitress or any other customer service representative at the beginning or end of your service to redeem the deals.

10. How can I change the address for the passport?

email info@eatworkplayclt.com with your new updated shipping address. We will make sure that the address is taken care of.

11. When will the passport be mailed out?

  • Passports will be available for pick-up for attendees of the Willy Wonka Event on November 2nd
  • For those that are not able to attend, Passports will be available for pick-up at designated locations the week of November 4th
  • For those that are unable to pick-up the week of November 4th, passports will then be mailed out the week of November 11th


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