It’s Friday the 13th, ya’ll. Don’t walk under any ladders on your way to work, break any mirrors, or pick up a penny facing “Heads.” Nothing you haven’t heard before, but I wouldn’t judge if you called in sick. Perhaps the reason nothing tremendously tragic has happened on a Friday the 13th recently (knock on wood) is because of the extra precautions. Chances are Charlotte Douglas won’t have as many people flying through today. But should we genuinely be scared of today or did this all start because of Thomas Lawson’s horror fiction, Friday the Thirteenth and then the popular 1980 slasher film? No one seems to know its true origins, but it’s definitely a superstition of Western Culture.

Brooke of the Charlotte podcast Mystic Systers says, “According to us, Friday the 13th is a holiday.” The Mystic Systers will be releasing a special Friday the 13th podcast to share why. In agreement, I like celebrating this day because it brings back the superstitions and creepiness left behind in the fall. I consider myself a particularly unlucky and superstitious person but have never been more or less unlucky on a Friday the 13th. Nevertheless, it is still relevant and fascinating that people fear this day of bad luck.

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When people think of the day, the first things that come to mind are Freddy Krueger, black cats, and voodoo dolls. Or is that a Ricky Martin song? Many who study witchcraft claim it’s a common misconception that Friday the 13th is correlated with spirituality and witches because of the media. No one is going to put a spell on you on Friday the 13th. So, there are also many who think nothing of it and treat it as a typical day. On the other hand, do we need to worry about serial killers such as those in the horror movies coming to jump out at you?

Mystic Systers mentioned, “Interestingly, a number of serial killers have names with thirteen letters in them such as Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, and Jack the Ripper.” Jason Voorhees does, too. Coincidence? Does that mean people with thirteen letter names have a greater chance of becoming a serial killer? Doubt it.

The Mystic Systers, Brooke and Shannon, share a love of all things strange and unusual. Since starting their podcast, they have learned of numerous people who share the same out of the ordinary interests as them. They believe being normal is overrated. They keep the community informed about the weird aspects of the world and talk about things such as astrology and the Netflix series, The OA.

Which brings us to Uptown’s very own, Subsecreto. Not only does Subsecreto make magical coffee, they sell books, jewelry, Lvnea products, and more. If you’re one of the many with a fear of Friday the 13th (paraskevidekatriaphobia), give your home a spring cleaning by burning sage. Subsecreto sells white sage and custom cleansing kits. Even Lake Norman’s, Britique, sells flower power sage sticks to purify your home of any negative energy. Superstition is alive and well in all parts of Charlotte.

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The number thirteen is infamously unlucky with reasons dating back to the crucifixion (also held on a Friday) and therefore related with death and murder. Subsecreto owner Caleb Clark says, “One theory is that the Knights Templar were arrested and executed on Friday the 13th and that was where it was first associated with bad luck. Again, this is not rooted in complete fact, but it is a popular belief.” In Christian faith, Judas, the 13th guest at the Last Supper betrayed Jesus. Thirteen comes right after twelve, a more favorable number that is connected with the twelve zodiac signs, the twelve Apostles, etc. Clearly, thirteen is the odd man out and represents change and chaos.

Every month that begins on a Sunday will always be stuck with this dreaded day. Therefore, the next time you can celebrate this day is coming fairly soon: this July!



Written by Brianna Melanson

Pictures courtesy of Pixabay and @Jonbrashear

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