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Haberdish Brings Eclectic Design and Southern Cooking to NoDa

Here, we’ll give you a deeper look into Haberdish in NoDa. As a Charlotte Native, I have loved seeing how much our Queen City has grown and changed over the last 30 years. Uptown has gone from an early 80’s Bankers-only club to a buzzing metropolis complete with national and local businesses alike and a skyline that seems to expand more with every passing day.

Last week, the Light Rail (finally) opened the extension connecting Uptown to North Davidson Street (“NoDa”). With this in mind, I thought it would be nice to visit some of my favorite NoDa spots, and my visit to Haberdish Southern Kitchen and Craft Cocktail Bar did not disappoint.

In the 1800’s, North Carolina was home to dozens of textile mills — The Johnson Mill and Highland Mill were some of NoDa’s most prominent. The name “Haberdish” pays homage to NoDa’s mill town history by combining the words: “Haberdashery” and “Dish.”

A “Haberdashery” is a shop that sells small articles used in the textile process such as buttons, ribbons, and zippers. A “Dish” is delicious food. By fusing these two concepts, Haberdish is helping celebrate our local history through food and drink.

Walking into Haberdish is like walking into an anachronistic wonderland, complete with hip/trendy music for all tastes, locally sourced tables and plates, and a wide range of amazing cocktails. They have two sculptures and an in-laid tile piece all created by Paul Sires – whom they loving call “the godfather of NoDa.” Paul and his wife, artist Ruth Ava Lyons, helped this community transition from a mill town to the hip, artistic center it has now become.

The Drinks:

I was invited to attend the Charlotte sendoff party for the chefs and mixologists representing Charlotte in the Charleston Wine and Food Festival back at the beginning of March. Haberdish’s Colleen Hughes was one of the mixologists sent to Charleston to represent the Queen City. While I did not get a chance to meet her at the event, I did get some solid one on one time with her during this visit to Haberdish, and Colleen lived up to every expectation of an apothecary.

My date went with the, “As You Like It,” shown below. Dry champagne, Amaro Montenegro, cherry Heering, lemon, and angostura-dipped rock candy sugar stick. A very delicious and Instagram-worthy cocktail. (Thumbs up)

Colleen came up with a delicious Black Cherry Bourbon cocktail for me, complete with a flower inside an ice sphere as not only decoration but an ingenious way to keep your drink cold. It reminded me of a bourbon cherry coke. I think it should be a new menu item.

Next Visit:

Whenever I eat somewhere, I always end up with a list of items I did not get to try that I want to try next time. For Haberdish, these are those items:

From the Brunch menu

  • Cinnamon Roll – fresh baked, cinnamon, sugar, served with milk caramel
  • The make your own biscuit
  • The Big Fix – cathead vodka, strawberry Pedialyte, muddled fresh ginger, lemon, mint, angostura bitters, club soda

From the Dinner menu

  • Smoked Devil Eggs
  • Biscuits & Bacon Jam
  • Cast Iron NC Trout

Haberdish is a shining beacon that embodies Charlotte’s history and sets high standards for its dining future. The NoDa mill town history is ingrained in every intricate detail of Haberdish. They have selvedge denim on the interior seating that was produced by Cone Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina. The table tops were handcrafted right here in Charlotte, and the wood came from the rafters of the building. The bar taps are reused spindles from a former mill, and the copper lights are hand-spun and designed and assembled right here in Charlotte. The charm and southern hospitality are only matched by the amazing cuisine and cocktails.

The Food:

We started out with the Pimiento Cheese Ball and pickles. The pickles come with your choice of Dill, House Bread & Butter, or Seasonal Pickle. We went with dill since the “dilling” process is done in-house, and I was curious what they would taste like. There is a world of a difference between grocery store pickles and these bad boys. Gotta try ’em out! Next up we had the Pimiento cheese ball, which is rolled in toasted spiced pecans, and served with fresh apples and fried crackers. It took all of the (very little) self-control I possess to not eat the entire serving.

For the main course, we had the new menu item, Brine Smoked Chicken, with Sweet Potato Dumplings, Savory Corn Bread Pudding, and Mac & Cheese. The Brine Smoked Chicken was from Springer Mountain Farms and was guaranteed vegetarian-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Sweet Potatoes are a southern staple so I was very excited to try these. Hand-spooned with brown butter, sage, and parmesan, I highly recommend the sumptuous sweet potato dumplings.

The Cornbread pudding was excellent with a soft middle and a crunchy outside. It contained Anson Mills cornmeal, gruyere, and herbs. The Mac and Cheese left nothing to be desired. Of course, we added the “spicy crispy chicken skins” to the mac and cheese, which added a nice flavor to the cheesy deliciousness. Last but not least, the St. Louis-style cut ribs rubbed with house bbq sauce that literally fell off the bone! I will definitely be getting those next time I am craving ribs.

For dessert, we had the Banana pudding. (Bananas, Nilla wafers, whipped cream). My mother has made banana pudding religiously for holidays since we were kids, so I consider myself an expert and a harsh critic on Southern Banana Pudding. Haberdish did not disappoint. The Banana pudding tasted just like mom makes!

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