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La Belle Helene Charlotte’s New French Brasserie

La Belle Helene Charlotte’s New French Brasserie

La Belle Helene opens today and EatWorkPlayCLT is here to give you the inside scoop from the Media Night, so you know just what to expect!

Immediately after entering the revolving door entrance on Tryon Street, your eyes pan upward to the towering ceilings, guided by gigantic circular soft light chandeliers hanging over the elegant dining room. The stretching bar lines the entire left of the restaurant. On the right side, you have private dining rooms, complete with windows and doors for an intimate party.


Photo by Mark Ashcraft
Photo by Mark Ashcraft

La Belle Helene lets its patrons view where “the magic happens” in the kitchen. From almost any seat, you can see the giant rôtisserie oven complete with gold chains that aid in rotating the chicken.


Photo by Mark Ashcraft
Photo by Mark Ashcraft

Oh, and below the chicken? Those are delicious potato wedges!


Photo by Mark Ashcraft
Photo by Mark Ashcraft

The Beef Tartare was excellent and the Poulet Rôti, (aka Roasted Chicken in English), melts in your mouth all the while each meaty bite retains the same flavor. The Salade Végétarienne has such a distinctive taste that it had me thinking, “Which genius thought to combine heirloom tomatoes and watermelon to create such a fantastic taste?!”

La Belle Helene is a perfect date night spot if you want to leave a lasting impression. While also doubling as a great place to entertain important business partners for lunch or after hours drinks. (Basically, if you just started a new job, take your boss here)


Photo by Mark Ashcraft
Photo by Mark Ashcraft

Go try it out for yourself.
Bon appétit!



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