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Moo & Brew: The Restaurant that’s Truly the Neighborhood Favorite

A friend invites you out for dinner and tells you to meet at Moo & Brew, what’s your first thought?

If you’re a habitual eater who sticks to your tried and true go-to’s, you might’ve thought, “burgers and beers, that’s simple enough.” If you’re in-the-know of all things Charlotte, you probably thought of the annual festival celebrating local craft beer and restaurants that was transformed into everyone’s favorite neighborhood joint serving up more complex flavors than the name gives it credit for.

For a burger and brew joint, Moo & Brew goes pretty hard with cocktails and appetizers. I had the pleasure of enjoying their new drinks, which were all a cocktail lovers dream! If you’re craving something exotic and sweet, go for the Prickly Limeade, which is as fruity and crisp as it sounds, or the Rynomite, made with the most flavorful grapefruit juice. The Midwood Mule and Moojito Vice (my personal fave) are M&B’s super creative twists on classic cocktails, both tasting light and fresh while still having super robust flavors! Personally, whenever I try a few cocktails there’s always a hit, a miss, and a “eh- it got the job done, I guess.” These were hits all across the board!

The beauty in these thirst (and stress) quenching cocktails? Jalapeno Firecrackers— the keto in me got SO excited for these bacon-wrapped, pimento cheese-stuffed grilled peppers (Keto On!). The Loaded Nachos, But Fries, are as flavorful and magical as they sound. Last but not least, the M&B Cold Platter, which is made up of hummus, carrots and cucumbers…at a beer and burger joint. YES to (somewhat) healthy eating!

Speaking of health (kind of), have you ever seen a burger joint serve such a beautifully crafted salad? This indulging dish disguised as a salad is topped with BBQ chicken, crispy onion straws, peppadews, tomatoes, lavash croutons, and, most importantly, Midwest Fried Cheese Curds.

My family was pretty picky growing up so I like to assess the range of palates and diets a restaurant can cater to. Moo & Brew’s burger range is nothing short of impressive. On top of the Farmer’s Daughter, topped with cheddar, applewood bacon, a farm egg, lettuce, tomato and M&B sauce, is the Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger, which is paired with a delicious dill caper yogurt aioli, lettuce, and house pickles (hello, pescetarians). The other offers for burgers, which can be explored through the Build Your Own option, include turkey, bison, chicken and a veggie option!

All in all, Moo & Brew is exactly what it aimed to be: the perfect spot to eat, drink, unwind, or throw down. Go grab a burger, raise your glass, and high five your neighbors. See you there!


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