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The Cowfish Home of the Burgushi in the Queen City

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The Cowfish Home of the Burgushi in the Queen City

There is no better place to eat burgers than at The Cowfish in SouthPark. They have over twenty variations of burgers on the menu using never-frozen, all-natural beef, turkey, lamb, or bison that are rid of hormones and antibiotics! The Cowfish creators, Marcus Hall and Alan Springate, are flavor geniuses. They introduced things you would never think would taste good together and I guarantee you will not find burgers like this anywhere else in Charlotte. For those with a mighty appetite, order the legendary Hunka Hunka. Peanut butter and fried banana… and a full pound of beef? Garnished with a piece of sushi. It turned out to be my favorite!

The Local Yokel is one of the newest burger additions which has Goat Lady Dairy goat cheese, fresh basil, fried cherry peppers, red onion, and an Abbott Farms F.R.O.G. (fig, raspberry, orange, ginger) jam reduction. The toasted brioche buns seal the deal. Some of the other burgers come on onion rolls, naan flatbread, sesame seed buns, or 7-grain wheat buns.
Pimento cheese addicts will drool over Granny’s Southern Pimento Cheeseburger complete with fried green tomatoes. The Thundering Herd Bison Burger features sharp white cheddar cheese, avocado salsa, and chipotle aioli.

Does the name Arnold Hamandegger sound familiar? Be one with Arnold Schwarzenegger and indulge in the unique beef burger with cheddar cheese, grilled country shoulder ham, a fried egg, applewood bacon, grilled onions, and Cowfish sauce. Or how about delving into the turkey burger with brie cheese, sweet cranberries, Fuji apples, and spicy honey marmalade? Delish! Vegetarians can celebrate too with the healthy veggie “ham” burger.

Each burger comes with a side, so splurge the extra 50 cents for the sweet potato fries, arguably the best I have had in Charlotte, and that is saying a lot since I have had a ton of sweet potato fries. They also have delicious fried pickles and a unique bacon coleslaw that I think best compliment the burgers. You will want to wash the burger down with one of their hand-spun milkshakes. I recommend the Cara Shake; a rich chocolate, peanut butter shake named after a beloved Cowfish customer who passed away. That was her favorite shake and I can see why!

If you want to play even more outside the box, try the Burgushi. Yes, burger plus sushi equals Burgushi. Sushi rolls with burger elements and hand-held burgers featuring sushi ingredients. It is The Cowfish’s own invention. The restaurant is a sushi bar and burger extravaganza all under one roof. For sanitary reasons, they have two separate kitchens. The owners are still humble about being the originators of the Burgushi. People did not think this weird combination would succeed, but nearly nine years later they are still going strong. Give the All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgushi or the Southern Style Bar-B-Q-Shi a try!

This quirky place pulls off as a date-night space as well as somewhere the youngins will adore. Be sure to point out the real Longhorn Cowfish in the aquarium and show them the pages of Marcus Hall’s Cowfish children’s book in the hallway. There is nothing ordinary about this restaurant; everything about this place is a conversation starter, from the playful artwork to the talking bathroom. On a sunny Carolina day, you can sit out on the patio next to the beautiful fountain to eat the obscure cuisine. To rave even more, the service here is phenomenal and if you need help deciding which burger to choose for your personal palate, they will be sure to point you in the right direction.

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