On Thursday, February 8th, Kid Cashew in Dilworth hosted a social media event to display its unique cuisine and craft cocktails. Who is Kid Cashew? Oddly enough, this question was never asked during the social media event because everyone was too busy enjoying the waves of amazing cuisine.

The menu was created by Giorgio Bakatsias and crafted by Head Chef, John Moyer. Kid Cashew is a Mediterranean/Greek wood fire tapas and Craft Cocktails restaurant, located on East Boulevard. But don’t let the tapas make you think small plates, the portions are definitely big enough to share. The night featured such items as Goat’s Breast milk craft cocktail, Wood-fired Chicken, Mac and five cheese, and Mediterranean seasoned chicken.

What is Kid Cashew? Now, let’s get down to brass tax, and discuss the “meat” of the night.

The Food:
We started with the Trio of homemade Spreads featuring Hummus, roasted butternut squash Hummus, Tzatziki, and spicy feta served with wood fire pita bread triangles. Each of the spreads are delicious; you can’t go wrong there. The roasted butternut squash hummus was my favorite. It tasted like pumpkin, but with a Greek flair. Pita chips are what make or break my spreads. When ordering, does Pita mean hard or soft? At Kid Cashew, the wood fire grill makes the triangle pita chips crisp on the outside but still soft and bready on the inside. In other words, strong enough to support a dip of the spreads and soft enough to be chewy. Thumbs up!

We then moved onto the “Starters.” First out was the Meatball Au Poivre, Crab cakes, and Shrimp. This could be the southerner in me, but I loved the Shrimp most. The Shrimp are cooked in garlic butter, with roasted cherry tomato sauce, and served on a bed of grits. A Mediterranean Shrimp and Grits!

The Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower mash, and Mac & Cheese came out next. While brussel sprouts
may have a bad reputation, I surprisingly had three helpings. What I originally thought were just mashed potatoes, after a few bites, I realized I loved cauliflower mash. The baked Mac & 5 Cheese served in a cast iron dish is a head-turner that makes my mouth water, even now as I am typing this. (Multiple boomerangs were taken of the gooey cheesiness).

From the “From the butcher” section of the menu, we sampled the Chicken, Trout, and Steak. Being a meat and bourbon guy, my loyalty usually lies with steak. While the steak and trout were both delicious, the stand out item was the chicken. At Kid Cashew, the chicken is seasoned with its unique herbs and spices that make it a must try. (See picture above for evidence haha!)

For dessert, we had the Baklava and pistachio vanilla ice cream sundae. Baklava is a sweet Mediterranean pastry filled with chopped nuts and topped with honey. As an ice cream enthusiast, every detail comes into play. The texture of the pistachio mix counters well with the soft serve and fudge.

The Drinks:
My drink of choice when I’m out are craft cocktails. Liquor drinks should go down smooth and leave you asking for more. The “Goat’s Breast Milk” is the signature craft cocktail served by Kid Cashew. It is mixed with ouzo, amaretto, honey, fresh lemon, and mint. To your pleasure or dismay, there is actually no goat, nor any other kind of breast milk, included in the making of this cocktail. Regardless of its namesake, the Goat’s Breast Milk tastes like a sweet summer lemonade.

While the rest of the crowd went with a glass of red or white wine, being a big craft cocktail guy, I had to try at least one additional craft cocktail. I picked the new menu item “Smoked Fig.” The Smoked Fig is a bourbon-based cocktail made with Larceny Bourbon, figs, and charred rosemary. It reminded me of an old fashion with a Kid Cashew twist. Definitely, recommend anything with Larceny Bourbon.

Next visit:
Whenever I eat somewhere, I always end up with a list of items I did not get to try that I want to try next time. For kid Cashew, these are those items: 1) Whole Avocado with quinoa – Tri-Color quinoa on a bed of shredded lettuce with chipotle sauce.
2) The Big Mac Daddy – two wood-fired all beef patties, special sauce, shredded lettuce, with cheddar cheese, pickles all on a local toasted sesame seed bun.
3) Whiskey honey – whiskey, lemon, honey, and ginger beer.
4) Jalapeno – rye whiskey, Ginger liqueur, honey, fresh cucumbers, jalapeno.

So, who is Kid Cashew? I discovered that Cashew was the name of Giorgio’s pet goat. If you ask Kid Cashew, they confirm, “Kid Cashew is the GOAT.” Which to most, (especially Michael Jordan fans), means Greatest Of All Time. I love the play on words with the word “goat,” from the featured Mediterranean cuisine, and such menu items as the “Goat’s Breast Milk” craft cocktail. Now, I don’t know if Kid Cashew is necessarily the greatest restaurant of all time, that is for you to decide and time to tell, but I do know that they hosted a great event with delicious Mediterranean dishes.


Layout & Edits by: Angie Baquedano

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