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A Fresh Look at YUME

Halfway around the world, off the coast of Hawaii, 300 feet deep in the open ocean, was a school of tuna. Within that school was an 80-pound tuna that was caught, immediately cleaned, and overnight shipped to Yume, in South End, off of Mint Street, Charlotte NC, for Sushi chefs, Eiji San and Nick San.

As we gathered around the Tuna all of us couldn’t help but wonder, Why is this huge tuna on a table in front of us!? Most media nights consist of a tasting of what the restaurant is premiering. But, YUME wanted to take a fresh look at that and show us how their sushi is prepared.

The Yume owners came up with the awesome idea to demonstrate the sushi making process from ocean to table. This was an awesome idea for a media night activity.

It was unreal to watch this huge 80-pound tuna turned into sushi. Just look at the focus and attention to detail that Eiji San and Nick San take in the video below.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHYOEzARpWs” align=”center”]

The finished product was nothing short of amazing. There was something so all-encompassing about seeing the giant 80-pound tuna carved into sushi that made the taste that much more enjoyable. The entire time i couldn’t help but think of the journey this tuna took from halfway around the world to the table in front of us, and finally my mouth. Thank you Tuna 🙏

Yume also has plates for those not as adventurous to try the fresh sushi. The soup is perfect for this cold weather that has hit the Carolinas and just look at the rest of the spread!

THE DRINKS: My go to is always an Old Fashion. Yume did not disappoint with their take of a Chia old fashioned shown below.

Now, first time I have ever had this pink drink below, and it was amazing! The problem is, IT HAS NO NAME!! Let’s help YUME come up with a name for this savory cocktail! Head over to YUME in South End and ask for the pink drink.

Thank you @TheSweetSeoul and @YUMECLT for inviting me and providing an amazing experience!  


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