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Leverage EatWorkPlay’s 4 platforms of Social Media, Events, Newsletter, and Website to encourage millennials to engage more with local businesses.

  1. Use Social Media as user’s first touch-point with your business
  2. Leverage the EWP weekly newsletter to reinforce the concept of your business and why users should rally behind it
  3. Identify with the fun in Charlotte by showcasing your business throughout EWP’s platform




EatWorkPlay Target Market:

  • Male and female
  • Young professionals
  • Age: 22 – 37 y/o
  • Location: Charlotte, NC, 20-mile radius
  • Active lifestyle
  • Income $75K – $200K
  • Audience size 75,000 + users

Social Reach

  • Instagram – 53,000 followers
  • Facebook – 5,310 likes
  • Meetup – 5,000+ members

EWP Demographics 2017

Gender: 35% Male, 65% Female

Website Reach/Traffic 2017

·       Average # Users – 12,000+ users/month

·       Average # Sessions – 14,615 sessions/month

·       Average # Page Views – 19,000+ page views/ month

Interpretation – Each user comes to the website 1.5 times per week and every time they come they look at 2.4 pages per visit.

Other Cool Facts from the EWP User Survey

  1. EWPers spend more than $3 million each month on eating out in Charlotte, NC
  2. Approximately 60% of EWP users rent the place where they live and plan to move within the next 12 months
  3. Over 50% of EWP users plan to search for a new job within the next 12 months


    • With Original Content
    • Leverage our userbase to increase your social media following
    • We only partner with local businesses we know our users will love!  You will not only create first-time customers but repeat guests as well!

Drip Cake Bar wouldn’t be where it is today without EatWorkPlay CLT!

Tanner - Owner, Drip Cake Bar

We were so very pleased with the results of our first partnership!

Norsan Media has a great partnership with Eat Work Play, and we love tapping into their highly engaged young professional audience. Eat Work Play has helped us with great exposure with launching a new brand image for one of our radio stations – Latina 102.3 FM. We congratulate them on their anniversary and wish them many more!!!

  • Pamela Sanchez – National Sales Executive and Public and Community Relations Manager; Norsan Media
Pamela Sanchez, Norman Media

EWP really know what they are doing! Love their events!

  • Aline Decker, Sales and Events Manager

Return On Investment

We Look Forward To Working With You!