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6 Tips for Work-Life Balance You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

I hesitated writing tips for Work-Life balance because for some, with the state of our lovely economy, it’s damn near impossible to obtain. I totally get it, and being able to find that balance is 100% a privilege, so I didn’t want to sound like that girl. Ya know? That girl who thinks stating the obvious, like saying “Cheer up! Snap out of this funk!” is sufficient advice.

Like, “Yes! Oh my gosh, Debra, you’re right! Why didn’t I think of that? I’ll just…. Cheer up.”

Seriously, I get it, but job permitted, these tips will help you feel slightly less consumed by the constant pressures of our society 🙃 .

1. Take advantage of your lunch hour!

This is obviously dependent on your career, but if you’re in a typical desk job from 9-5, you have an hour break for lunch. Take advantage of this time by taking care of personal things, then eat at your desk later, because who doesn’t end up snacking between 2 and 5 anyways? This is ESPECIALLY helpful for members of the commuter club. Personally, I need to work out but after spending an hour in traffic yelling, “IF EVERYONE WOULD JUST DRIVE WE COULD GET WHERE WE NEED TO BE!”, I have zero motivation or energy to hit the gym, so I use my hour to squeeze in a 30-minute work out at 9Round. I also have my days where I’m just not feeling life and driving all the way home is a total waste of gas, so I’ve definitely spent a few lunch hours meditating or sitting in my car with the air on for a mental break. Doing this has legitimately changed my life as far as feeling burnt out and exhausted at the end of the day.

2. Invest In Your Hobbies

I know this seems obvious, and I shouldn’t have to tell you to have fun, but after a long day, it’s very easy to want to do absolutely nothing. This is all good at first until it becomes an everyday routine, leading you to eventually resent your job for consuming your life.

I started my first job out of college and quickly realized that, while I needed PR experience, it was NOT a PR role and it wasn’t where my passion was, so I was disappointed and miserable. I was too frustrated to want to work, but I needed the check. Long story short, I was so desperate to be doing something that I’m passionate about that I accepted an unpaid internship that ended up turning into a greater career opportunity and I loved it! I started viewing my 9-5 as a way to support my hobbies and passions rather than a job that pays the bills.

3. Make A Chore Schedule

Yes, the one your mom used to make to remind you to take out the trash or empty the dishwasher. Yes, I know you’re grown but just hear me out: If you spend 15 minutes every day on one chore, like cleaning out the fridge on Mondays, doing a walk-through of your home with a trash bag on Tuesdays, that leaves more time to chill on the weekend rather than spending your off day cleaning up to get ready for the week.

4. Designate A Self Care Day

Growing up I knew not to ask my mom, an entrepreneur, to do ANYTHING on Fridays. It was also the day that I could get away with pretty much whatever because on Fridays she does nothing but sit in her room, watch TV and eat. She doesn’t want to be bothered, she doesn’t care what happens, she’s not worried about anything, straight chilling and it’s when she’s the most relaxed. Now that I’m grown and working, if I don’t have that day or set time to myself, I end up being a complete, counterproductive mess for two straight weeks. Being the foodie that I am, when I become too consumed with work I make a really, really nice meal. Taking the time to focus on something that is solely for my benefit totally recharges me. It’s 100% okay to be selfish sometimes.

5. Have A Social Life, But Don’t Overthink It

Yes, sometimes it’s very necessary to go out, meet people and step into another environment, but TBH who has the energy (or finances) for that every weekend? You don’t want to seem lame so you just sit at home alone binge watching something you’ve seen ten times and experience major FOMO. I promise there’s someone you know doing the exact same thing because we’re all doing this adult thing together. I don’t go out nearly as much as my friends but I have someone over, or I’m hanging out with someone, even if it’s just to watch an episode of our favorite show almost every day. It’s the best and most comforting distraction.

6. Surround Yourself With People You Don’t Have To Perform For

You know those people that, sometimes, you just don’t have the energy to be around? They expect you to be the funniest friend, the most giving or the therapeutic friend they can unload their stress on. I know you’re trying to maintain that social life but having to put on that performance can be equally as mentally draining, on top of the professional performance you have to carry at work every day. Surround yourself with people who you can enjoy without always having to do a certain thing or act in any particular way.


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