If you don’t know who she is, now you can join 30k+ people who hang out with Majesty online through her brand, Born Majestic, on her website or on Instagram @BornMajestic.

We asked Majesty to answer a few rapid-fire questions and she killed it. Read more about Majesty Acheampong here.

Majesty Acheampong, Charlotte Influencers

Rapid Fire with Majesty Acheampong:

What is your favorite skin care product currently?

Favorite skin care product currently: Urban Skin RX, Clear Skin Cleansing Bar

What is one thing someone wouldn’t guess or know about you at first glance?

“I have a creative side that many people get to see on social media & my blog….but I also have over 10 years experience in Corporate HR. So I can tell you what to wear on my blog, and advise you on terminating someone corporately 🤣”

Your style – it’s so fun! Where do you get your inspiration?

“I grew up attending a Christian private school from k12-graduation and I had on a uniform every day of my life. I had no wardrobe variety & had no sense of style. I didn’t even get to develop a personal style on my own until college when I got to decide what to wear to class since I was set free from uniforms. After years of experimenting with a Lacoste & Polo preppy phase, then an Urban Street style phase with Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms & Roca Wear, I came into my own unique style of feminine, trendy & bold fashions.”

My fashion inspiration comes from my mom who loved sequins & standout pieces. She is a pastor & always makes a statement from the pulpit. See Majesty’s Other style inspiration

Majesty Acheampong, Charlotte Influencers

Favorite TV Show and Book?

Favorite TV Show: Power & Insecure

Favorite Book/Currently reading: Fearless Faith & Hustle by Arian Simone

Current Obsessions?

Majesty Acheampong, Charlotte Influencers

I’m currently obsessed with sneakers 👟. I’ve always been #teamhighheels, but now that so many cute kick styles are being released, I’ve been building a collection of Air Max sneakers & Nike React Prestos.

TLDR; get the skinny on Majesty:

1. Majesty is often called Maj by friends, family, and her followers.

2. Born in Durham, Majesty graduated from UNC Charlotte and lives in Uptown.

3. She educates others wanting to start their blog or expand their brand – Ignite Your Influence

4. Majesty is married to George Acheampong, a financial advisor to entrepreneurs & newly minted influencer @georgeacheampongjr.

5. She recently celebrated her 30k follower milestone on Instagram.

Want to get connected to Majesty? Send her a message here or follow her here on Instagram


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