Summerbird Boutique at Queen Flea Makers Market

“I had the idea for Queen Flea  about 5 years ago when I started attending markets to sell my jewelry. I was traveling far for markets Vermont, ATL, Charleston etc. and wanted to do something that was easy, affordable for artists trying to make a living off of their work, and local to support my local community. “

-Queen Flea Founder

Kristen, founder of Queen Flea, had been longing to help local artists share their work with the community. She was able to accomplish this by partnering with Tracy, owner of Summerbird Boutique. Together, they organized a community event in NoDa for people all throughout the city to enjoy handcrafted Southern goods in the atrium of NoDa, where Amélie’s is located.

I truly enjoy going to these types of events because I get to meet local artists, learn about their pieces, and what inspires them to do what they do. Here are my top 5 favorites:

Makers Market QUeen flea with bee balloon in NoDa
candles from southern fragrances at Queen Flea Makers Market

Southern Fragrances Candle Co.

Calling all candle lovers! Mandy makes her candles using eco-friendly and natural ingredients to ensure a ‘clean and longer’ burn. She had one called ‘The Queen City’ from the neighborhood collection which I thought was cute. How do you even begin to describe what home smells like?

worth and badass jewelry at Queen Flea Makers Market

Worthy + Badass

Wanna feel empowered AND cute all at once? Justine, W+B’s creator, makes hand-stamped jewelry that reminds you that you’re worthy of your accomplishments, both big and small. Her journey and realization that she’s a total badass inspired her to help other women find their true identity through her jewelry.

One Paper Street

The first thing I purchased from the Makers’ Market was actually a hand-made card from Robin. It’s wedding season, and I desperately needed a cute card because honestly… I’m more likely to keep cards if they’re cute lol… so now you know where to get cards for your friends and family right before a major event! 🙂

succulents and plants grown in greenhouse by Queen City Roots at Queen Flea Makers Market

Queen City Roots

It’s time to stop with the fake plants y’all. There are actual plants out there that need water, and a new home. Derrek grows his succulents straight from his own greenhouse. How cute is that. We love a local greenhouse!

Rachel Tenny

Mental health is sooo important! Rachel’s a mental health therapist that uses art as her creative outlet. She likes to remind people that it’s totally okay to feel the way that you do sometimes because ‘it’s okay to not feel okay’. You WILL get through it! Retail therapy is my (toxic) go-to, but whatever works, works I guess. It’ll be okay.

I asked if the Makers’ Market was coming back and she responded,

“We are hoping to have one market per season, in order to give vendors enough time to create fresh goods, new collections, etc. so that it is a special showcase per season. There are lots of other cool markets happening and popping up around Charlotte so we don’t feel that there is a void there, we just want to do something that is special and a little different. We don’t have a date set but you can expect a market in the next few months, we will post on instagram & facebook when we announce @shopqueenflea”

Til next time!

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