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EWP connects our users to Charlottecultureure and community in the most fun and engaging ways possible. EWP does this by helping millennials to make meaningful connections and build relationships in a digital era by dropping “fun bombs” through the city of Charlotte.


  • Educated: 40% of in-migrants move to the area for a new job, a relocation or to seek employment.
  • Millennial: 65% under 35 and 24% ages 35-44
  • Moving Up: Average household income ranges between ($65,000-$100,000)
  • Women Love Us and Guys do too: 70% Female and 30% Male
  • Social: 77% of media consumption is Social Networking Platforms
  • Active and Involved: EWP engages a broad, millennial audience that wants to buy local and support the businesses fueling Charlotte’s growing economy. They’re people building careers of meaning and starting to have a keen interest in social good.



How our attendees like to feel at events we support:

“Good Morning! I wanted to tell you again thank you for putting on a great event last night. I woke up this morning feeling so energized, inspired and just feeling good!

There were so many quality people there last night, and I really enjoyed talking to you all and getting to know you all a little bit.”

– April / EWP Member

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