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To Better Waters takes everything true and good about alternative rock during the 90’s era and slightly twists it into a modern-day beat. With a personality that will blow circuit-breakers at a backyard party, their sound is fresh with a familiar tone… setting macabre lyrics to bright, and sometimes upbeat instrumentals.

Originally performing as Ghost Town Revelry throughout 2014, the band began to notice a change of mood in their music. With a new direction in sound, Ghost Town Revelry decided that a new name was needed. Inspired by the lyrics from their songs, “Having Emerged from Hell,” To Better Waters was officially formed on April 11, 2015.

To Better Waters’ first album – Days Of Ours – was a smash hit, skyrocketing their following on Instagram from non-existent to a robust 10k. This debut release was created in a remote cabin near Blowing Rock, where the band could hunker down for 20-hour rockin’ sessions, cultivate 2 new tunes and ultimately, 12 tracks later, emerge with the foundation that would become Days Of Ours.

From stunning tours, to pop-up shows and fan-based parties, To Better Waters has quickly climbed to the top of the charts in Charlotte’s music scene. They will be releasing their newest project, Hope in Spades, on July 15th at Legion Brewing Company. Fans can expect a night full of new music and unforgettable experiences with the band. There will be CD’s for sale (yes, they still make CD’s), as well as stickers and t-shirts. Attention Beer Fanatics: Legion’s Brewer, Scott Griffin, will be releasing a special small batch brew made specifically for the event.

Meet the Band: Paul Manos and Joel Turner are on dual lead guitar, Alexander Warner is behind the keys/guitar/vocals/kazoo, Matthew Susong serenades the crowd on vocals, Pat Allois hits the beats on drums, and Jeff Thomas keeps everything in-tune with the bass.

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