Dress for Success: Are Suits Still Essential at Work?

Charlotte Blogger Deryle Daniels offers some fundamentals for appropriate office attire. The fundamentals include slacks, khakis, button ups, blazers and ties. While these have always been wardrobe essentials, some offices require much less. We asked some EWP members what they think. Are suits still essential for work? "My dress code is business casual. Typical attire [...]

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5 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

Applying for jobs can be intimidating. You’re literally sending a company some information about yourself and your work history, in hopes that these materials scream “Pick Me” loud enough for your phone to ring with an invitation for an interview. Similar to how companies have their “brand,” we, as professionals, have our personal brand. Here [...]

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Dress for Success: Is Red Lipstick at Work Over the Top Sexy or the Perfect Sign of Confidence?

As a woman, the way we show off our confidence can be defined in many ways. For some, that means coming to work prepared to kick ass, or being a supermom, or landing that deal she’s been working on all week. One way women show off their confidence, and an overall sense of put-togetherness in [...]

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