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5 Things Your Home Office is Missing

One of the biggest perks of being able to work from home is that you can have the most randomest things that are actually beneficial for a healthy, productive day. The things listed below will help with organization, cleanliness, relaxation, and exercise.


1. An organization station.

This one may seem obvious if you’re a neat-freak, but if you’re a hot mess like me, get your life right and start organizing your to-do’s, events to attend, and important reminders by having the following separated:

  • monthly calendar – to schedule and remember important dates
  • cork board – to pin photos, cards, or whatever it is you need in your face to remind yourself that you got this
  • dry-erase – to jot down quick notes of the day OR
  • chalk board – for inspirational quotes, because not everyone has a poster that says “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” in their home office  

Picture Credits: Pottery Barn


2. A desk roomba.

Work can get messy. You need a clean space to focus, so let this cute little mushroom do its thing while you do your thing. It collects paper scraps, dust, crumbs from your grilled cheese that was supposed to be saved for cheat day but you have no self-control, or dirt. You can get this mushroom(ba) here.

3. A fish.

Or several. Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed with work, it helps to spend a few minutes watching fish swim. It’s a scientific fact that watching fish swim gracefully around reduces stress and anxiety. Your heart rate slows down, blood pressure decreases, and muscle tension eases up. Although these fishies won’t finish your work for you, it’ll help you get there with a steady, relaxed mind. Just keep swimming.

4. An air diffuser.

If you’re getting lightheaded while working, this is a PSA to drink some water. You can also invest in an air diffuser along with some essential oils of your likings to help with that. Aromatherapy helps with decongesting, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality for your post work nap, and many more things!

5. An under the desk elliptical.

Are you complaining about not having enough time to go to the gym? Well, say no more, deskercise is a real thing y’all. Put those glutes, thighs, calves to work while you’re working. No excuses. Again, don’t forget to drink water. We love a hydrated multitasker.

I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did. Before you get the following items, make sure you have a home office first. Check out Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices listings to find the perfect home, to create the perfect office space.  

Can you imagine living here though?

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