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5 Tips to Remember for your Resume

Your resume is the first thing hiring managers see when you apply for a job.

It tells the company about your voice, how you will fit into their environment, and if you’re qualified for the position. This single document is your chance to WOW your future boss before you even rock the interview! Remember, in the Queen City you’re often up against thousands of other applicants, so here are 5 tips to make sure your resume is good to go.

1. NEVER recycle resumes:

You know that word document you’ve been adding to since your first cashier job in high school? The one you send as is to every company you’ve applied for? For each application, make sure your opening objective describes the position you’re applying for and your job descriptions highlight skills that are useful for this position. Change it up, your mission should align with theirs.

2. Retire your middle school email address:

Your resume could be perfect, but when your future boss reads that your email is “ilovekittens123@hotmail.com”, you’re telling them that you lack professionalism. Make sure you take a few minutes and create a new email specifically for your work life. This little detail shows future employers that you’re the young professional they’re looking for, no matter how much you like kittens.

3. Don’t overuse buzzwords:

Sprinkling words like ‘manage’ and ‘accomplished’ into your resume is an attention grabber, but overdoing this can be a major turn-off to the reader. It shows the hiring manager that you painted your resume with colors instead of letting your true personality shine through. While your resume should hold professional language, keeping it in your voice makes you stand out, and make you perfect for the job.

4. Don’t rely on pre-made templates:

Resume templates on Microsoft Word are useful when learning the appropriate layout of the resume, but they often use bright colors and larger than necessary fonts. You want your resume to be between 1-2 pages of eye-pleasing, easy-to-read information. Entice your future boss with a personalized format and let your experience wow them.

5. Proofread:

Last but not least, always take the time to read over your resume carefully. While this may seem like a practical step, you’d be surprised what you can overlook, especially when nervous about a new job. Make sure you have a friend read over your document to ensure it’s error free.

Happy job hunting!


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