Blanq Canvass Coworking in the Queen City

A mile down from local restaurants that have become a traditional staple such as Pinky’s Westside Grill and a three-minute drive to historic SouthEnd off of W. Morehead Street sits the newest location in coworking trends, Blanq Canvass Coworking.

Built in an old radio station headquarters, this space checks all the boxes for networking, coworking, and great views. Blanq Canvass is owned and operated by Clifford Blanquicet Jr., known as the “brewery guy” in commercial real estate, and Pete Campbell who is the owner of Canvass Capitol. A little play on names, and Blanq Canvass was born. The central purpose of this work-at-your-own time property is to help make a smooth transition from home to business office as easy as possible. For those starting their own business or for a startup company, this is the perfect place to start.


The perks of this space include free local craft beer for members; some of Blanquicet’s favorites being Thirsty Nomad Brewing Co.and Twenty-Six Acres Brewing as he assisted both of those breweries and many others in finding their current locations. I helped myself to a local favorite being Sycamore’s Citropica IPA, but the coworking space also offers other non-alcoholic beverages such as Boco Coffee located off North Davidson Street. The company’s central model for the workspace is to keep everything as local as possible.


Blanq Canvass Window
View from the Office

The monthly fee includes the Wi-Fi, free parking for yourself & guests and convenient access to the building 24/7. The building also applies exclusive key code access to keep both the shared workspace as well as the private office safe and secured. Further, the use of the conference room is at no cost, allowing you the convenience to book chosen time slots online. If those perks are not enough – this one takes the cake: the ability to do all payment transactions online. Not all workspaces are digital savvy, but this one definitely is.

The prices for this space are best of the best when you compare to other spaces around town. The shared space charges a mere $120/month, and the private offices start at $395/month – all flat fees, no security deposit required, and inclusive of all perks listed above. More information can be found at


Within the first four months of opening, Blanquicet saw 40 members contribute to this space. It now holds only 23 members with hopes to see more in the next few months. Currently, the goal for 2018 is to open two more coworking spaces as well as to fill this one back up again.


With that said, if a new member signs up by February 15th for the shared coworking space, they receive a $50 gift card to Hoppin’ in Southend. Further, if

North Carolina State Picture

anyone signs up for a private office space, they will receive a $100 Hoppin’ gift card. It is of no shortage to say that this location is great for the professional who also loves craft beer as the kitchen area also adorns a homemade North Carolina craft beer mural made by local artists Montford Misfits.


So from great networking, great craft beer, and ambient views, I simply leave you with one question, where will you start growing your next business? I know where I will be going. Cheers, Queen City!


Written & Pictured by Megan Dunbar

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