Dress for Success: Is Red Lipstick at Work Over the Top Sexy or the Perfect Sign of Confidence?

As a woman, the way we show off our confidence can be defined in many ways. For some, that means coming to work prepared to kick ass, or being a supermom, or landing that deal she’s been working on all week. One way women show off their confidence, and an overall sense of put-togetherness in the office, is to dress up your face like you dress up your body by wearing a bold red lip to work. This story from XO Necole highlights a few lady professionals and their thoughts on wearing the rogue rouge.

“Red lipstick works in my office culture. It forces people to take the words coming out of my mouth seriously. More importantly, I’m more confident in the attention that I command wearing red lipstick”Channing Hargrove, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

“I believe red lipstick is absolutely appropriate if you want to give the perception of bold, beautiful and about your business. It’s classic and versatile, and I can’t think of a situation where red lipstick would ever be inappropriate for a lady.”Maya Elious, Personal Branding Strategist from Atlanta, GA

EWP readers, we want to hear your thoughts. When and where is it appropriate to wear a bold lip? Do you think being well put together is a part of dressing for success?

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