Dress for Success: Are Suits Still Essential at Work?

Charlotte Blogger Deryle Daniels offers some fundamentals for appropriate office attire. The fundamentals include slacks, khakis, button ups, blazers and ties. While these have always been wardrobe essentials, some offices require much less. We asked some EWP members what they think. Are suits still essential for work?

“My dress code is business casual. Typical attire for me would be dress slacks and a dress shirt with an Oxford collar.. Occasionally I will wear a tie… If I have executive meetings or a presentation I’m in a suit; usually blue, grey or olive… I stay away from black suits… Shirts are usually white, light blue or grey and are either solid and have a subtle pattern and a tie.”Joe, Accountant, Charlotte, NC

“We’re allowed to wear just jeans and tshirts on a daily basis at my work. Very casual.”Jacob, Marketing Strategist, Charlotte NC

“It’s very casual. I typically wear a lot of collared shirts, polos or button ups, casual slacks and jeans and boat style shoes. I’ll wear loafers and even sometimes sneakers.”Carl, College Instructor, Charlotte, NC

“At work, I wear business professional attire because I prefer to dress to the level of my superiors if I ever expect to be there someday. I prefer to have a shirt, tie, polished shoes, and a jacket at least three times out of the week because of the professionals that I interact with on a weekly basis. The culture in Uptown during the day is business professional and it’s not uncommon to find shoe shine stands throughout the Uptown buildings. Dressing the part has always helped me to get in the mindset of the role that I am currently in once I get into the office.”Davon, Financial Analyst, Charlotte, NC
What do you all think? Do you have to wear a suit where you work now?

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